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Saturday, October 26, 2019

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Friday, February 24, 2017

What Happens if you swallow chewing gum by mistake?

It is an age old urban myth designed to terrify the youth. Swallowing a part of a chewing gum will result in it being stuck inside your body for seven years, before it can be digested and dislodged from the body. This is however just a myth. Another related myth, which is equally if not more terrifying or appalling, is the theory that if you swallow a piece of chewing gum it will wrap itself around your heart. That is one intelligent killing machine if you ask me. All the chewing gums are made from a gum base, topped off with flavoring, coloring and sweeteners to cater to all taste buds. The piece of chewing gum is pretty much indigestible since it is a mixture of waxes, resins, fats, emulsifiers and elastomers.

Most the time, our stomach cannot break down the chewing gum like it does with all the other food that we consume. One must understand that even some of the foods that we eat regularly are not properly digested by our stomach and hence the digestive system has a way of dealing with such foods. The digestive system keeps on moving the indigestible food particles along your digestive system or path of the digestive system until it reaches the intestines. The intestines then remove the food particles from your body whenever you go to the toilet.

Hence it seems that instead of taking up residence in my gut or being wrapped around my heart was not on the menu to begin with and instead of residing inside us for 7 years, a piece of gum will usually leave your body after 2 days max. Even though gum is a very sticky substance, the stickiness of the gum is no match in comparison to the power of your digestive system. As soon as we put the piece of chewing gum in our mouth, the saliva in our mouth will try its best to digest or break down the piece of chewing gum. The saliva will probably be successful in penetrating the shell of the chewing gum as well as the sweeteners; however, the ingredients of the base of the gum are mostly indigestible.

The partially broken down piece is then sent to the stomach muscles which relax and contract slowly, like the way an earthworm moves (if you have ever seen one). The stomach muscles do this to force the food particles that we have swallowed to travel through our system with ease.

The digestive system can however get gummed up in extreme cases. Those people who swallow huge pieces of gum or several small pieces of gum in a short period may cause the gum to cause a blockage in the digestive system of the individual. This is however most common in children who have smaller and developing digestive tracts in comparison to the adults.

Source: Daily Mail

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SR 500 fine for Broken Glass of Vehicles in Saudi Arabia

You might have noticed that sometimes there are some cars that may have a broken window or glass which has been temporarily fixed with the help of transparent plastic sheet put in the place of the glass. Another thing which you might have noticed is that this seemingly temporary solution can also be left on the car for years, or until it naturally tears off. The Makkah Traffic Department has commented upon the issue, via their official spokesman, Colonel Fawzi Al Ansari. Colonel Al Ansari has stated that any and all modifications done on the car will be considered a direct violation of the traffic laws, rules and regulations.

These modifications will be a violation especially more so, if the broken glass in the car has not been replaced by a new glass and has been simply covered up with a transparent plastic sheet. That has now become a popular quick fix amongst the motorists, who do not want to spend the time, effort or money in getting their car fixed. In accordance to the spokesman Colonel Al Ansari, those motorists found covering up their vehicle’s broken glass with a piece of clear plastic sheet, instead of getting it replaced, will be charged with a monetary fine of SAR 500 and the Makkah Traffic Department will be impounding the car for a period of one week. In accordance to a local newspaper in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Watan newspaper, some of the residents of Makkah have come out and stated that such illegitimate modifications have become a trend in Makkah and can be seen with increasing frequency on the streets of Makkah.

The fine imposed by the Makkah Traffic Department has of course been based upon the assumption that such improper modifications are nothing but temporary solutions which cause an increase in the risk of traffic accidents occurring on the road. Personally, I believe that motorists themselves should not be doing such modifications or quick fixes on their car, and instead should invest some time, money and effort and have the broken glass replaced. Most of us who have been on the streets in the Kingdom, know how common accidents truly are.

If the motorists will just do something which will increase the risk of traffic accidents, then it is not only worrying for the Traffic Departments around the Kingdom such as the Makkah Traffic Department, but it is also a huge concern for the other motorists on the road and their safety.

Clear plastic sheets or any other similar concoction, covering up broken glass should only be used as a temporary solution such as being an overnight fix so that nobody can get into your car through that broken glass during the night and then in the morning you can give the car to the auto workshop to be repaired. Different people have different views about the issue; some think it is fair, some think it is not. What are your thoughts on the issue, please let us know?

Source: Motory

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Thursday, February 23, 2017

What are the different Landmarks Printed on Saudi Currency Notes?

You can see different locations pictured on the back of the Saudi Riyals, below are what each one of those locations is. You will be amazed to know that some of these landmarks are not even situated in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia;
1 Riyal - SAMA HEAD QUARTERS BUILDING: Before the creation of the Saudi Monetary Agency, the Saudi Hollandi Bank, which was a branch of the Netherlands Trading Society acted as the de facto central bank of Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Monetary Agency was established in 1952 and currently is the central bank of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
5 Riyal - RAS TANORAH TANKER LOADING TERMINAL, JUBAYL PORT IN THE EASTERN REGION: Ras Tanorah can be applied to both a gated employee compound for the Saudi Aramco employees and to an industrial area (shown in the currency) which is located on the peninsula which serves as an oil port and oil operation center for the Saudi Aramco.

10 Riyal - KING ABDUL AZIZ HISTORICAL CENTER, RIYADH: The King Abdul Aziz Historical Centre is the name of a region located in Riyadh, which is the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The actual historic center or part of the city is towards the south towards Masmak fort as well as the Friday Mosque located in the Dira district of Riyadh. It was originally the Murabba Palace which was built in 1936 by King Abdul Aziz around one and a half kilometers towards the northern part of the old city. It was not located within the city walls which existed back then.

50 Riyal - AL AQSA MOSQUE, JERUSALEM: The Al Aqsa Mosque which is also known as Bayt Al Muqaddas is the third holiest site in the religion of Islam and it is located inside the Old City area of Jerusalem. While the entire area where the silver domed mosque stands along with the Dome of the Rock, four minarets and the Seventeen Gates, all combined were originally known as Al Aqsa Mosque. Today the Al Aqsa Mosque defines a much narrower definition. The wider compound surrounding the Al Aqsa Mosque is now generally referred to.

100 Riyal THE PROPHETS MOSQUE IN MADINA AL MONAWARAH: The Masjid Al Nabawi or the Prophet’s Mosque is in Madinah and had been originally built an established by the Holy Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him). The Prophet’s Mosque was the second ever mosque built in the history of Islamic religion and is also now one of the largest mosques in the entire world.

500 Riyal HOLY MOSQUE IN MAKKA AL MUKARRAMAH: The Masjid Al Haram, also known as the Holy Mosque, Grand Mosque, Sacred Mosque and the Great Mosque of Makkah is the largest mosque on earth and is surrounding the holiest place in the Islamic religion, the Holy Kaaba. The Muslims around the world face in the direction of the Holy Kaaba to pray their daily obligatory prayers. Millions of Muslims from around the world make pilgrimage to this Holy site every year as part of the Annual Hajj Pilgrimage.

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7 Places in the World where people are paid to Live

Moving abroad, experiencing the foreign culture and undertaking a job is a dream of many. However, such dreams are costly, many do abandon it as a lot of monetary cost and uncertainty is involved. But fear not, there are these seven unusual places where people are paid for living there.  Yes, these exceptional places in the world do offer a price for living there. For one reason or another, these places require people to live there.   Here is a review of such seven places where one can find tempting offers to live and work.

  1. Detroit, Michigan in the USA: The beautiful city, Detroit, used to be the most populous city of Michigan.  It was once popular for being the hub of American automobile industry.  However, due to industrial restructuring in mid-1950’s, the city faced economic decline and its population fell drastically. To boost economic activities in the city, the government has initiated “Challenge Detroit program”.  The Challenge Detroit invites professionals from various industries to “live, work and play” in Detroit for a year. The program allows earning $2,500 a year, along with access to a full-time job. People are given an opportunity to take part in training programs, enjoy culture and take part in various events. 
  2. Alaska, USA: Alaska is a beautiful state with rich natural heritage. The most exciting thing about living in Alaska is that one is paid for it. The government has established Alaska permanent fund which allows all its residence to get entitled for receiving $1884 a year.  The only condition for being a beneficiary of the fund is to live in Alaska for at least a year.
  3. Saskatchewan Province, Canada: Saskatchewan is a landlocked province which exhibits continental weather. 10% area of the province is comprised of fresh water. This Canadian province provides graduates with an amazing career opportunity. If one is graduated after 2009 then he/she has a great chance of earning as much as 20,000 Canadian dollars for living 7 years in the province.  The amount is obtained under the government scheme known as tuition rebate. Only those graduates are eligible who are living in Saskatchewan or moving to Saskatchewan and have graduated in and after 2010.
  4. Niagara Falls, New York, USA: Niagara Falls is a great tourist place; one can be mesmerized by its beauty. However, it is experiencing a decline in its permanent population. To restore its population, its government has initiated a great scheme under which students will be helped in repaying their student loans.  The government offers $7000 to graduates as an incentive to live and work in Niagara Falls. The only condition is to live for 2 or more years.
  5. Ponga, Asturias, Spain: This beautiful town is in northwest Spain. It is famous for tourism as per its privileged location. Healthy and clean environment are not the only incentives being offered by the town: inhabitants are also being offered €3,000 (per couple). To boost up the population, every child born is also entitled to receive €3,000. 
  6. Utrecht, The Netherlands: This Dutch city is undergoing a basic income experiment under which every citizen is paid $1000 a year. This unconditional payment scheme allows Utrecht citizens to undergo better health, education and work experience.  The payment is made without any discrimination i.e. it doesn’t matter if you have a job or not or if you are male or female. 
  7. Curtis, Nebraska, USA: Not satisfied with the work of your local authorities? Not a problem if you are living in Curtis.  If you give forward an idea for improving Curtis’s infrastructure, the government will be giving land in exchange. Yet another amazing thing about Curtis is that there are free lots of land available. Anyone who is willing to build a house and has financial ability to do so is given a piece of land free of cost. The world surely is full of dilemmas: who could have thought that states would be paying people to live in rather than people paying to them? Who could have thought that less population would be troublesome? However, these places are offering a great career opportunity that shall not be missed.

Source: Bright Side

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

10 Common Mistakes committed during the performance of Salah

Muslims all over the world pray 5 times a day facing Kabah (qibla). It is a far’d for them. There are certain positions and steps to offer Salah properly which were mentioned by our Holy prophet (P.B.U.H) during his time. Many of us have forgotten the correct way to offer Salah. These mistakes can also be since so many years have passed and alterations are made by people themselves. Here we are mentioning few common mistakes made by us all unintentionally. There several mistakes made which would nullify the prayer. Others do the disliked acts prohibited by Allah, therefore, you should be careful to not commit such violations to preserve your completeness of prayer. May Allah accept our ibadat.

  1. Not standing upright: This usually happens when a person is in a hurry and want to join the raka’ with Imam. They just bow down directly (ruku) after saying Takbeer while the Imam is in Ruku state. This is a wrong way to start the prayer. You need to say Takbeer and stand upright for a moment, with your back straight and then bow down. It is important to mention here that standing straight is one of the Fard of Salah and not performing it invalidates the Salah. Recommended: 6 Fard Acts during Salah omission of which invalidates the Salah
  2. Sometimes people don’t have the tranquility during offering Salah. They just move at the crowd’s speed while standing upright and bowing down to just perform the act. You should not bow down early to follow others and neglect the necessary and required duas to be recited. Failing to maintain tranquility could result in rejection of your Salah and not obeying Allah. It will be like a person who did not pray at all because Prophet Ali A.S said to a man who prayed in this manner which means, “Go and Pray again because you did not Pray.”
  3. Some people say the initial Takbeer while standing alone in a row. Prophet S.A.W said, which means, “The one who prays alone in a row, is not accepted.” However, if you have a legit reason to be not able to find someone to pray with you and you fear to miss the prayer while waiting, then only you can pray alone and your prayer will be correct.
  4. Some people race the Imam, which is completely a sin. If you say “Ameen” before the Imam, you will miss a great reward. Because Allah forgives the previous sins when one says Ameen with the angels and the angels say it after the Imam.
  5. Some people do not recite properly in Salah. They neither move their lips nor tongues while reciting Quran. This is not considered recitation.
  6. Some people bow incorrectly, in a position midway between standing upright and bowing completely. The back and head should be leveled throughout the Rukoo’h.
  7. Some people do not prostrate (sajood) properly for example, with feet off the floor or placing one foot over the other.
  8. Some people place arms on the floor during Sujood resembling a sitting dog. The arms should be away lifted from the body such that the armpits can be seen. This can be ignored if you are praying in a congested place to avoid discomforting others.
  9. Leaning against the wall or a pillar during standing in a prayer such that if the pillar is removed, they would collapse on the floor is not correct. This means you are not standing upright.
  10. Not placing nose tightly on the ground during sujood is a mistake as well.
  11. Inattentive during the prayer and not aware of what was recited because you were thinking something else is incorrect. Wandering eyes here and there while in Salah is a mistake.

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A Saudi Company (Taiba Gold) produces 33 KG Gold Set – World’s Heaviest

Hard work, creativity and motivation are the key components of success. Those make a mark in this world, do something different.  People around the globe are innovative and creative. There is an urge of creating something new and different. People are coming up with things that were never been thought of. Every day new records are being set. For instance, we have world records of the largest shoe, longest dress, fastest car and much more. It seems like the world is in wake of setting new records. In this race, the Saudi Arabia also made its mark when Saudi gold and jewels company, Taiba, created the world’s heaviest gold set.  The beautifully designed set is a proof of great art and perfection.

People around the world were amazed by the magnificent set weighing 33 kilograms.  The set is worth six million Saudi Riyals contains a necklace, a bangle, a ring and a pair of earrings. This 24-carat gold set was not made in a day or two; rather it required 100 professional gold designers working with dedication for about a year to create this masterpiece.  According to the company’s executive general manager, Mr. Essam Al Ashrafi, this creative task was undertaken by the jewelry makers to honor the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They wanted to cajole the Kingdom in their own style utilizing their skills and talent.  However, this is not the first time the company had impressed the world and set up a record.

In 2000 Najmat Taiba got the attraction of jewelry makers and jewelry lovers. Najmat Taiba or star of taiba is the world’s heaviest gold ring. The ring is finely created with a delicate design on it. The beautiful creation weighs about 58.686kg and is heavily embedded with about 5.17kg of Swarovski stones.  Not only the Ring got endorsed by the world Gold Council but also holds the Guinness book of world records certificate. Najmat Taiba drew the attention of the world towards itself.

People wanted to see the great symbol of creativity so much so that it was put up on display at 39th Mid-East Watch and Jewellery Show that took place at Expo Centre Sharjah on October 6, 2015. These records are appealing and depict creativity; however, it would have been much better if the nation is motivated to set the record of peace: being able to build a state where there is no poverty, no unemployment, and no crimes.

It’s time to honor the Kingdom by making it the most peaceful place to be lived in. These fancy records help gain fame and attention but we need to focus on our people. We need to make our economy stronger and self-sufficient. These records do endorse creativity and hard work yet we need to be creative in solving the nation’s problems. We need to invest our time, money and dedication to meet the needs of the people, help the poor and make the state stronger. Nevertheless, these ornaments are the two most beautiful assets for Saudi Arabia.

Source: Gulf News

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Less than 6 Hours and more than 9 Hours daily sleep may cause early death

Regularly sleeping for a time of fewer than six hours per day can cause early death, however too much sleep can also lead to several problems, in accordance with a study which claims to have found definite evidence of the potential harm caused to the body due to abnormal sleep patterns. The research conducted by academics from Italy and the United Kingdom had analyzed various data from 16 different studies conducted across Asia, Europe, and the United States in the last 25 years, and managed to cover more than 1.3 million people as well as upwards of 100,000 deaths.

The research had found that over the last 25 years, those individuals who would sleep for a time of fewer than six hours per day would be 12 percent more likely to experience an early or premature death, in comparison to those individuals who would sleep for a time of 6 to 8 hours. The researchers from Italy and the UK concluded that the evidence for the link between sleep hours and premature death was “unequivocal.” This study which had been published in a scientific journal named Sleep had been carried out by a team of academics from the Federico II University Medical School located in Naples and a team from the University of Warwick. The study has also concluded that those people who regularly sleep for a time of more than nine hours per day have a higher chance of dying early.

The act of oversleeping is not in itself seen at a risk, however, it as seen as an indicator of hidden or underlying ailments. Where short sleep periods may be representing the cause of ill health, longer sleeping periods are believed to be representing an indicator or sign of ill health.  This statement was made by the head of the Sleep, Health and Society Program at the University of Warwick, Professor Francesco Cappuccio. The modern society has seen a slow reduction in the average sleep duration periods of the people, and this pattern is more so common amongst the full-time workers, which suggests that the patterns may be due to societal pressures to work for overtime at work or take up more shifts.

However, the deterioration of our health is most commonly accompanied by longer sleeping period durations. The optimal sleeping period duration for your health is between six to eight hours per day. The duration of sleep should be actually regarded as a behavioral risk marker or indicator, which is influenced by the environment and could be possibly fixed or changed.

The study by the teams had also noted that the previous research conducted on the lack of sleep has clearly shown that the lack of sleep is associated with various ailments which include obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. Keep your sleep timings in check and there is only one thing which is left to be asked, how long do you sleep for?

Source: The Guardian

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