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Saturday, October 26, 2019

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Sunday, April 30, 2017

80 Years old Father inherits SR 1 billion to his 30 Years Old Wife – son sues stepmother

Everybody has a greed and lust for money, some have less while others have more. Some people value money more while some contend with even less of it. But anyone can fall for SR 1 billion! A Saudi billionaire’s family is in a fight over his property and business. The 80 years old businessmen own a company which has a value of SR 1 billion. The billionaire owns a well- renowned food producing company in Jeddah. As per his age, he is not capable of running the business anymore. Thereby the trustees have stood up to manage the business and inherit the money, property and a successfully business.

Everything must have been easy: the property shall have been divided equally among his sons. Yet the story took its turn when it was revealed the businessmen’s wife held the power of attorney. The businessmen had married this young lady who is only 30 years old (compared to the man who is 80!). As the power of attorney resides with the lady (who is the stepmother of businessmen’s sons) and she has the authority to manage the entire business and wealth. The sons of the businessman have consulted the authorities for the matter. The have claimed that their stepmother has fleeced their father and put hands over the power of attorney. As their father is old and fragile, his thinking capacity is not the same, it must have been easy to convince him. 

As the power of attorney is in their stepmother’s hand, she can look after the interests of business and wealth.  The sons have charged their stepmother of stealing SR 270 million from their father’s account. They have a firm belief that the lady has the lust of money and she has been involved in stealing, thereby they demanded a committee. Accordingly, a committee shall be formulated that shall consider their stepmother’s financial activities.

They have charged their mother of wasting their father’s wealth. The lady had access to money which she wasted, therefore she shall not be overlooking the business and her power of attorney shall be nullified. She is not worthy of managing the business and wealth. A squander and a thief she is. She also did not take her stepson’s consultancy while gaining the power of attorney.

The sources also revealed the lady had been to the court before. She came there to tell the court that the old businessman has lost the capability of rational thinking and therefore cannot manage the business.   The case has been pleaded in the court: the sons have sued their mother for cheating upon the family for sake of money.  Let’s see who will inherit the property and wealth worth SR 1Billion!

Source: Saudi Gazette

Rich People in Saudi Arabia
  1. Saudi Woman dies, her expat driver claims millions of Riyals Inheritance
  2. Saudi Husband died after one month of Marriage, Bride gets SR 67 million in Inheritance
  3. A Bangladeshi Street Cleaner became a millionaire overnight in Makkah
  4. A Saudi can't even buy 1 square meter land with his Average Salary
  5. One Meal of Mandi Dish sold for SR 113,600 in Tarout, Saudi Arabia 

Saturday, April 29, 2017

This is how the inside life of Shumaisi Detention Centers looks like

These days, illegal residents in the Kingdom are quiet in news. With the initial of 3 months long amnesty time offered under a campaign “a nation without violators”, people are aware that soon a crackdown will begin against illegal expats living in the Kingdom. The crackdown will be against those not availing the once in a lifetime opportunity and leaving on their own. Yet one does think that where these illegal foreigners would be kept until they are deported? In which conditions, shall they be kept? Will they be treated badly? Will there be human rights violation?

Worry not; Shumaisi Detention center is equipped to entertain 32,000 law violators. The detention center has been built along Jeddah-Makkah Expressway at an area of 2.5 million square meters. The information has been disclosed by the officer who oversees the center: Maj. Gen. Ibrahim Al-Hamzi. The detention center will be having those who had violated residency laws and labor regulations. The inmates shall be detained here until the legal process for deporting these undocumented expats will be completed. Then they shall be deported to their nations. Until then, they shall be treated as guests. Their health, food and medical requirements shall be met at government expense. They shall be deported on the government expense as well.

Not only the detention center is prepared to provide healthcare and food yet it is equipped to provide legal assistance. Foreign consultancy offices have been established for this purpose.  The center which is under the supervision of finance ministry has catered for a hospital, a bakery and a kitchen. The kitchen is extended over an area of 13,200 sq. meters. It has the ability to serve 150,000 hot and cold meals daily. Inmates can enjoy juices, water, different types of fruits and a variety of meals.

It has an amazing laundry which can wash 13 tons of clothes per hour. The detainees neither have to wash their clothes nor iron them. The washed clothes shall be given to them after being ironed. They don’t have to worry about dirty bed sheets, pillows or blankets as they shall be cleaned daily. Keeping in view health problems a hospital equipped with 50 beds has been built and a shelter home as wide as 440,000 sq. meters. An isolation unit will be there to isolate people suffering from communicable diseases. The isolation centers are separate for males and females. All inmates shall be admitted in detained center after a medical test.

A lounge has been set apart as a waiting area. Those residents whose paperwork has completed can wait there. They shall be taken to the King Abdulaziz International Airport through buses for deporting them. The computer systems of centers shall record all information of the inmates. The biometric procedure shall be followed for all deportees. After going through biometric they shall be handed down to their nation.  As there is always a complaint of loss of belonging, a cloakroom is established to set aside inmate’s belongings.

Conflicts among different nationals are expected to occur. The detainees will be held in separate centers which are grouped based on their nationalities. Four Groups have been established: Arab nations, Asians, Africans and problem causing inmates. Thereby, inmates will be provided with the best healthcare, food, legal processing and other vital facilities! All of this would be provided without a charge under government expense. Surely the best way to give them a farewell!
Source: Saudi Gazette

Labor Disputes
  1. Philippine Embassy sued a Saudi Company for delaying salaries of Filipino Workers
  2. Matters to Consider before reporting your case against employer to Labor Office
  3. What to do if you don’t receive salary on time?
  4. Employee to be compensated with SR 200,000 for unfair Dismissal
  5. Register a Case against Kafeel in Ministry of Labor

Friday, April 28, 2017

Finally, a Saudi doctor restored his sight after 51 failed surgeries in Europe and USA

Dani is an 8-year-old Dutch boy who lost his eyesight when he was only 2 years old. The loss of eyesight at such a small age is attributed to a genetic disease that Dani suffered from. The disease that Dani inherited affected his retina and he lost his ability to see. His family especially his father was very concerned about it. He did not want his boy to have a dark future. He wanted Dani to see the colors of life. He wanted his boy to feel the happenings and to get excited by the colors, to play with colorful toys and to have a normal life! He tried his best so much so that the 8-year-old Dani had undergone 51 surgeries. But none of the surgeries gave Dani his sight back.

The Dutch boy had been taken to four European countries and the United States for the surgeries: but it looked like no one had the cure. There was neither improvement in Dani’s condition nor any hope left for the poor boy’s eyesight. Until his father was advised to take Dani to The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Even after 51 failed surgeries his father was hopeful for Dani and was ready to go to any extent for the sake of his child.  So, he took his son to the Kingdom with a hope that his son’s eyesight will be restored. The boy was admitted at King Khalid Hospital. The initial treatment looked fruitless. The doctor in Riyadh when heard Dani’s father was losing hope, he told him to be patient as time would be required for restoring the child’s sight.

He underwent a surgery there which was surprisingly fruitful. Dani’s father couldn’t believe it until he saw his son chasing a ball and then kicking it. Now Dani is living his colorful life in Netherlands. He can see and can continue the beautiful and colorful journey of life!  The expertise of Saudi doctor, miracle or Dani’s fate, yet it is awesome news to hear that Dani has regained his ability to see. 6 years of blindness, 51 surgeries: the boy and family had been going through a lot!

We are thankful to the doctor who could perform a successful surgery: indeed, he has amazed the world! We pray for Dani’s bright future! We also salute the brave and hopeful father who believed in Dani’s fate! If he had lost hope, Dani might be still living in the dark! Remain hopeful even in your darkest times, because a bright future is waiting for you!

Source: Al Arabiya

Latest News – Health Care
  1. Saudi doctor finds Light Bulb in a patient’s stomach which he swallowed 11 years ago
  2. 9 months old infant’s hand paralyzed due to wrong injection in Qunfudah, Saudi Arabia
  3. My Brother fought cancer with a smile till the time he died
  4. 2 Hands and 1 Leg of a Girl had to be removed after a Liposuction Surgery in Riyadh
  5. This is your Death Certificate; A Hospital declares an alive Saudi, dead

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Saudi Employer bears expenses of Wedding and Honeymoon of her Housemaid

A maid or housemaid is a female person who works and provides household service. She does typical household tasks such as food preparation, ironing, washing the clothes, cleaning the house, daily shopping and taking care of children.  In Islam, the Prophet (Peace Be upon Him) supported and advised people to release their slaves by announcing that it is an act of utmost virtue and an act by which sins are excused. On the other hand, he instructed everyone not to treat them like animals. He explained that one should take care of their basic needs, like foodstuff and clothing in a justifying way. He always emphasized the Muslims that they will be punished if they fail in taking care of their servants and slaves.

They should be soft and polite kindhearted to the servants. He highlighted this to such a level that the last words said by the Prophet (Peace Be upon Him) at the time of his death were: Perform Salah (the prayers), Perform Salah (the prayers) and fear Allah with regards to your slaves and servants, stated by Hazrat Ali (R.A.). Abu Hurairah (R.A.) reported that the Prophet (Peace Be upon Him) said: Foodstuff and clothes are among the rights of the servants and he should not be given a job which is beyond his power and capability. This shows the primary rights of slaves and servants that one should fulfill their necessity for food and clothing for humanity and should be lenient in giving any task to them. On Friday, a Saudi woman in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, hosted the marriage ceremony of her housemaid.

The owner looked after all the expenses of the marriage and the bride. She welcomed all the friends of her housemaid and even presented the couple with a honeymoon present. Photos and videos of the marriage were posted on the Snapchat account of one of the attendees of the marriage, social activist, Zahra Al-Muabi.  She was an Asian bride and was getting wedded to an Asian man. The maid was dressed in bridal white costume and her eyes were full of tears of joy that fell down on her cheeks.

The Saudi woman, the boss of the maid, showed a real act of kindness which exceeds all the boundaries of social and racial discrimination. She is a source of motivation for many others to follow her gentleness.  Usually, the media focuses on features and shocking stories of emigrants being badly treated by their sponsors but this is not always the truth. This is not the real Saudi society, as said by Umm Sultan.

She also said that it is not exceptional for Saudi women to enjoy and celebrate special occasions with their maids and servants. Many of them are very loving and kind hearted. It is a very honorable moment for the Saudi woman who supported the marriage of her maid. She definitely deserves this honor and respect.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A gang arrested selling drinking water taken from sewage canal in Jeddah

There is a report highlighted near the coastal sea border of Saudi-Arabia, Jeddah that numerous people have been arrested and are under investigation because of carrying out the illegal business of drinking water which is drawn from a drainage canal. The Makkah Governorate official released this news in a statement on Monday. Governorates in Arabic are called the Muhafazat. Governorates are considered as the second-best mode of regional administration which rules in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  After the official statement released by the governor of Makkah, Prince Mishaal -bin-Majed immediately ordered for the deep investigation of the following issue.

This most important issue was collected when after a video clip went viral on social media which showed water carrying procedure. The video specified that the water was being pumped from a canal in the village of Bahra which was considered as a part of the filthy drinking water business. The video clip showed that water was being drawn with the help of an electric water pump from the canal. Although, the video did not give any clue as from where this whole process was controlled. The Makkah governorate also said in a statement that after confirmation and verification of the authenticity of the concerned video clip, many of the suspected people who were involved in the filthy drinking water business were arrested. After taking the suspected group of people in custody, they further proceed for any legal proceedings.

Teams from the National Water Company (NWC) in the Kingdom of Saudi-Arabia inspected the concerned location address and identified the point of infringements. After analyzing the situation, the National Water Company (NWC) then officially submitted the respective matter to the suitably concerned authorities to address the situation. The National Water Company (NWC) also reported that the sewage channel which appeared in the video is basically a stream for the triple treatment of sewage water.

The stream coming from treatment stations is located in Bahra and Arna and then passes through the coastal city of Saudi-Arabia. Whereas Bahra is a village located in the province of Makkah towards the west direction of  Saudi Arabia. The National Water Company’s (NWC) basic job is to investigate all the surroundings which cover the channel and the treatment stations located in Bahra and Arna. National Water Company (NWC) needs to make sure during the inspection that there would be no additional disruption observed and hopefully in future, it will be completely finished.

National water company (NWC) is created in the year of 2008 and the purpose of National water company (NWC) is to provide premium quality water and services for wastewater management to all the citizens in the Kingdom of Saudi-Arabia. National water company (NWC) is highly dedicated company for providing quality water and wastewater services to households, preservation of natural water resources, environment protection and making sure the correct use of treated sewage discharge. National water company’s (NWC) main headquarter` is located in Riyadh and its branches are located in Jeddah, Makkah, and Madina.

Source: Arab News

Latest News: Other Latest News
  1. Pankaj Parakh, a man with the pure 22 carat Gold Shirt crafted in 3200 hours
  2. 2 Saudis who robbed McDonald’s arrested with the help of a video in Riyadh
  3. 2 Indian Workers died waiting for the overdue salary and End of Service
  4. The Ministry pays SR 250,000 to a prisoner for keeping him 11 months in Jail
  5. Husband drives wife’s car, breaks traffic rules for 375 times, wife gets SR 306,250 fines

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

An Expat husband kidnaps himself to get SR 1 million ransom from his Saudi Wife

In Saudi Arabia, a 39-year-old Lebanese husband planned an assault drama on himself to forcefully get an amount of SR 1 million from his 34-year-old wife. The husband and partners were arrested by police after receiving emergency call from the wife. The companion was a Pakistani, who worked in a company, possessed by the Lebanese wife’s father. A Palestinian joined his attack plan as well. This was reported on Wednesday by Saudi news. Almost three weeks ago, the husband had a meeting with a Pakistani partner and designed a fake attack with him to scare his wife to force her to make the payment. He guaranteed his partner that he would pay him the attractive amount for the success of the drama.

The Pakistani man said to the Lebanese husband that he wants a helper who could help him in making this drama successful. He then met a Palestinian who decided to help him in the planned drama. Pakistani and Palestinian both started preparing them for the attack. They arranged a gun, knives and a license plate explosive belt which would help in creating more drama and frighten his wife and force her to give them the payment. According to the plan, on the day of the attack, the two partners were supposed to enter the house, which they pre-planned with the husband. As per the plan, in front of his wife, they arrested the husband and told her to give them SR 1 million otherwise they will kill him. The husband played his role by begging to his wife to go ahead and give them the money to secure his life.

The wife told the criminals that she wanted to make a call to protect the cash they requested, as said by the source. Fortunately, she called the 911 emergency numbers and stated the crime without raising any voice. In the Red Sea city of Jeddah, police force arrived at the address from where they received the call. The officers arrested the criminals who tried to fight and escape.

After arresting the criminals, the investigation department started inquiry which exposed the role of the husband in the drama which he acted in front of his wife. The police took the husband into custody as well.  One of the representatives from for the police department confirmed that the dramatic attack was planned by the husband and his partners.  He also disclosed the details of the drama that the police united operation department received a call from a Saudi lady who stated that two men holding gun and knives have entered her house.

She also said that they were demanding SR 1 million from her and if she did not agree to pay them the demanded money they would kill her husband and explode the explosive belt which they were carrying with them. Investigations department discovered that the husband and his partners; Pakistani and Palestinian had planned the drama beforehand to create the situation to extract cash of amount one million SR from the wife. All of them were captured and will be referred to the public trial.

Source: Gulf News

Security Conditions in Saudi Arabia
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  2. Traffic Terrorism is 62 times more deadly in Saudi Arabia than the Terrorism
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  5. Newly Married Saudi Soldier writes “I miss you” to his wife before he was martyred

Monday, April 24, 2017

6 Steps Guide for Successful Canadian Immigration

Canada is located in the northern half of North America. It has ten provinces which cover 9.98 million square kilometers which make it the world’s second-largest country by total area and the fourth biggest country in terms of land area. It is extremely developed with 82 percent out of the 35.15 million people inhabitant in large and medium-sized cities close to the southern border. One-third of the people live in the three main cities: Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. Ottawa is the capital of Canada and other main city areas include Calgary, Edmonton, Quebec City, Winnipeg, and Hamilton.

If someone wants to shift to Canada for whatever reason, there are some guidance steps to help you in selecting the city or area where you can settle down easily.  The Government of Canada is also offering different schemes through which one can go there. These programs include family sponsored, business startup or investor, refugee, caregiver, express entry and more.  We are discussing here the express entry system which is the most chosen system amongst the Gulf countries and has little waiting time. Express Entry System is a migration program for Canada in which the candidate applies for lifetime residency. This scheme is, especially for skilled migrants. In this, the candidates are chosen on the basis of their skill to settle in Canada and their contribution to the economy. The data of the candidates needs to be loaded on the website from where employers of immigration department can view the application and can approach the deserving candidate. 

Step 1: Eligibility for application: In this step, few questions will be asked from the applicants to answer and it will take only 15 minutes. The results will show the eligibility for this program. A reference number will be provided for later use while creating your profile. Following is the link where you can check your eligibility:
Step 2: Create online profile: Creation of an account on the government website is necessary. Then you will have to give complete information on the same website to create a profile. Following is the link where you have to create an account.

Step 3: Recording with the ESDC Job Bank: This is the link where you can create an account. Delay in registration will expire your account and profile if you do not record within 30 days. Registry with the bank will help connect applicants with possible employers in Canada.
Step 4: Rank of the applicants: A request to apply will be issued to high scorer. Out of 1200, the scores are marked.

Step 5: 90 days to take action against an invitation: The online website is given where you can respond to an invitation.
Step 6: Wait : After applying, you just have to show patience because results of the applications take about 6 months.  In the case of application failure, you can re-apply after a period of 12 months by providing your data and creating an account and profile.

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