Thursday, February 13, 2014

Procedure to get refund from Ministry of Interior

Sometimes it happens that you pay for fee online for something like transfer of sponsorship, change in profession, fee for permanent family visa or Driving License but due to unforeseen circumstances you plan not to pursue the service. If you decide not to go for this service, what happens to the money you have already deposited? How will you get the refund of it? Here we shall provide you step by step guide of getting the refund from Ministry of Interior (MOI).

Procedure to get refund from Ministry of Interior
  1. First of all, check if you have any money in your account with the MOI. You can check it from the following link. Ministry of Interior – Available Funds under your Iqama. If you have money under your iqama in MOI website, you can start process of claiming refund.
  2. You need to login to the internet banking account which you used to pay the fee. This is why it is suggested to make the government payments from your own account so that the amount can be refunded easily. “Do not pay government fee through Agents” In this example, we shall use SABB Bank account. Whatever bank you use, the process is same.
  3. After logging in, go to the payment tab on the left of your computer screen. In the payment portion, go to the Government Payments. In the government payments, select the service which you selected earlier to make the payment. In our case, we have selected “Alien Control” service.
  4. When you will select “Alien Control” service, system will require entering the transaction type. Here you need to select “Refund Service” as mentioned in the below screen shot. A new drop down list will arise and you have to select your desired service type in it. I have chosen “Driving License” Now enter your Iqama number in the field and click on the “Request” tab.
  5. A new screen will show that your refund is accepted and you can expect your refund in 3 days. Check on the above link for the available funds in the MOI website. It will show you Zero balance immediately.

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