Sunday, February 16, 2014

How to Get a Registered SIM Card in Saudi Arabia?

When you have entered to Saudi Arabia by a legal way, next step is to get a registered SIM card so that you can communicate with others. SIM cards are available almost on every Baqala (shop) in Saudi Arabia and most of the new comers buy from them. It was a recommended way to buy SIM card few years ago but not anymore.

The Saudi Government’s CITC has just recently made it mandatory to have biometric fingerprinting while you are purchasing a new Saudi Mobile SIM. This is also the case in most other countries now, as undocumented SIMs have been used in terrorist attacks. Several of the Hajj, Umrah and general Travel agencies and services around the world will sell the Saudi Mobile SIMs to their clients or customers. However after the new requirement which has been mentioned above, introduced by the Saudi authorities, any and all Saudi Mobile SIMs which are sold to any person by an unofficial seller or a roadside seller will get blocked after a few days only.

Additionally if you are visiting Madinah or Makkah, you will encounter several people sitting with small desks selling SIMs outside the Masjid e Nabvi and the Masjid Haram. Even those SIMs will stop working after a few days only. It is advised to all people travelling to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to purchase the Saudi Mobile SIMs from the official service centers of the Saudi Mobile Operators. If you are a visitor in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, you can purchase a Saudi Mobile SIM with your passport as identification. The list of official Saudi Mobile Operators is as follows;

  • Lebara KSA
  • Virgin Mobile KSA
  • Zain
  • Bravo
  • STC
  • Mobily

Any traveler or visitor to the Kingdom can easily find these official service centers of the Saudi Mobile Operators located at all the major locations which also include the surrounding area of Masjid e Nabvi and Masjid Haram. It is always better to buy SIMS from there.

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