Sunday, February 23, 2014

Procedure to Open a Bank Account in National Commercial Bank

Bank Accounts: National Commercial Bank or Bank Al Ahli offers different kind of bank accounts. In fact, this bank offers maximum number of bank accounts with different features. It has current account and saving accounts. But almost all the accounts provide same kind of benefits with some plus and minus. They have one account which gives you financing facility by default up to 25% of your monthly salary at a cost of 200 per annum. But this is also useless since 25% of monthly salary is not an amount for which you need to go for this account. Moreover, if you maintain a certain balance in your account, you can be declared as Golden member and get preferential treatment.

Credit Cards: National Commercial Bank offers a wide range of credit cards to meet your requirements. I really like the credit cards which this bank offers. Alfursan Card gives you more Fursan points to be redeemable from Saudi Airlines. Qitaf program gives you points on every transaction which can be redeem through STC in shape of balance and free minutes and SMS. Most promising credit card is Ala Dofat credit card which gives you option to convert any payment into 12 monthly installments free of interest. This option is available if you use your credit card in any of the authorized dealers of the bank. There are almost 42 authorized dealers which can cover almost all your household purchases. Moreover, you can also get some reward points on each and every purchase which would be redeemed in shape of token.

Car Leasing of NCB Bank is also competitive. However, they don’t offer very good rates. Their rates reach to almost 10% inclusive of comprehensive insurance. Moreover, they charge you SR 3,600/- for the first time as documentation fee which is much higher than other banks.
Customer Services: Above Average

Requirements to Open Bank Account in National Commercial Bank

My Personal Suggestion is to open a bank account in this bank but before opening the bank account, you should confirm once that you can avail the credit card facility.

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