Tuesday, March 18, 2014

MOI Abshir Registration through Riyad Bank

In this article we shall explain how to activate Abshir or MOI account through Ryadh Bank. In our previous article, we have explained the step by step process of getting registered on Ministry of Interior website. After completing the entire step mentioned in that article, you will be registered on MOI website for Abshir services. However, you will have to activate this account either by visiting Jawazat office or through Ryadh Bank Internet Banking, if you have an account there. Here we shall guide you step by step;

Step 1
Login to your Ryadh Bank Internet Banking Account from your computer

Step 2
In the home page, you will find “Abshir Services” on the left column of your computer screen. You need to click this tab of “Abshir Services”.

Step 3
A window will be opened in which your name and Iqama number will be mentioned. Moreover, the mobile number through which you are registered in the Ryadh Bank will also be mentioned there. If this number is the same number as you entered in the MOI website while creating your Abshir Service Account, you need to click on “Submit” button.

Step 4
If two numbers discussed above are different from each other, you need to first change the number in Ryadh Bank database by visiting a Ryadh Bank ATM machine and then repeat same steps.


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