Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Register for Abshir (MOI) Services

Benefits of Getting Registered with MOI
With the registration of Abshir services on Ministry of Interior (MOI) website, many of the tasks will be eased up for you. For example,
  1. You can extend visit visa of your family members
  2. You can generate an inquiry about your traffic violation
  3. You can get to know about the available funds under your Iqama
  4. You can have details about expiry of the health insurance
  5. You can check if you are eligible for Hajj
  6. You can issue exit and re-entry visa of any of your dependents
  7. You can check expiry date of the Iqama
  8. You can check the expiry of Vehicle Insurance
  9. You can renew Istamara of your Vehicle Online
  10. You can Traffic Violation Number of your Traffic Fine
  11. You can check status of change in Sponsorship

Process of Registration
In this article we will provide you guideline with the screenshots to get registered to Abshir services on ministry of interior website.

Step 1
Open website of Ministry of Interior on your browser.

Step 2
Website will be opened in Arabic; you need to change the language to English. It is available on the upper left side of your computer screen.

Step 3
Now click on the “New User?” icon. It is available on the upper right corner of your computer screen.

Step 4
Now a new screen will be opened. In this screen you need to input following information
a.   Iqama Number
b.   Email Address twice
c.   Select Preferred Language as English
d.   Enter your phone number
e.   Check the box to confirm with the terms and conditions and press “OK”.

Step 5

You will receive an SMS containing a verification code on the mobile number you have just entered. Enter the code and your iqama number on the page and press “OK”.

Step 6
Now enter user ID and password on the next page appeared on your computer screen and press “OK”

Step 7
Now your account in Ministry of Interior has been created. You just need to print this form in order to activate it.

Step 8
There are 3 different methods of activating your Abshir (MOI) account. We have published a detailed article about it. Recommended: 3 Methods to Activate your MOI (Abshir) Account in Saudi Arabia

Helpline of Ministry of Interior

Ministry of Interior has launched a free helpline to facilitate the residents of Saudi Arabia. You can call to 800-7490-000 for any technical query regarding the system of MOI.

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