Monday, April 14, 2014

Alarming Kidnapping in Jeddah

From last many years we have been talking about the better security conditions in Saudi Arabia. Well, there is no doubt about it. Security conditions in Saudi Arabia are much better than many Asian and African countries. This is the reason some expatriates feel themselves very safe in this country. It would not be wrong if I state that Saudi Arabia is one of the safest countries of the world.

Alarming Kidnap in Jeddah
However, something happened to one of my friends which I want to bring in your consideration and at the end I will explain how you can protect yourself from being involved in such situation. We have heard it many a times that some gang (mostly from some African countries) snatch mobile and cash on gunpoint. But what happened to a Pakistani guy who lives in Jeddah was something different. They kidnapped him on gunpoint, snatched his wallet and mobile phone and took him to the ATM Machine. He was forced to withdraw SR 5,000/- (Maximum limit). They saw his ATM PIN number and remaining amount of SR 25,000/-. He was not even released after that. They took him with them and kept him at some unidentified place for 6 days. In these six days, they withdrew SR 5,000/- every day from his account and released him after six days.

Family of the victim was searching for him during these days all around the hospitals, jails and hospital morgues among the dead bodies. These six days were the hardest days of their life.

How to Avoid such Situation?
Our elders used to advise us not to carry too much cash. Now with the invention of ATM Cards and availability of ATM machines at all public places, no one carries too much cash in his pocket. But dilemma like this is alarming since you cannot keep cash in your pocket, you cannot even keep it in your bank. Well, I have a better plan in this regard.

First of all, you should have two bank accounts with two different ATM Cards. You should keep all your savings in one bank account and only running expenses of a month in the other bank account. ATM of bank account where you keep savings should be kept at home. You should use it only when there is a need to withdraw some extra-ordinary amount. ATM of other bank account with running expenses should be in your pocket every time so that in case of any emergency, you have enough amount of money in your pocket.

Let’s say if you have SR 100,000/- as total savings, you should keep SR 95,000/- in one bank account and its ATM should be kept at home. SR 5,000/- should be maintained in the other account and its ATM should be in your pocket. Keeping all the time 2 ATMs (SR 100,000/-) in your pocket is not suggested. If salary is transferred to your bank account, use that bank account for maintaining your savings.

Reaction of Police
Since the incident was reported to police, they took immediate action after release of that Pakistani guy. Within few days, that gang was arrested by the Police.

Source of Information
One of my friends shared this story with me and I am sharing it with you so that every one of us take care. Yes, police is always there to take care of us but we should also be careful within our self. Purpose of writing this article is not to criticize police but to spread awareness among the residents of Saudi Arabia to keep their hard earned money safe.


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