Sunday, April 27, 2014

Procedure to Check Available Funds under Iqama through MOI

If you have paid some money through the SADAD banking for issuance of driving license, renewal of driving license, apply for permanent family visa, removal of huroob, single exit re-entry visa, multiple exit re-entry visa, renewal of Istamara (Vehicle Registration) or some other labor deposit and want to verify if the payment is properly made, you can do it through MOI website. Here I shall provide you step by step guide of doing this. Sometimes people ask other people to pay fee on their behalf but find themselves in trouble if other people don’t pay it. Here is the way you can immediately check if any payment is made on your behalf. Also Read: Do not make SADAD Payments through Agents

  • First of all, you must have an activated ministry of interior account. If you don’t have an account, create an account from this link. I have explained the step by step procedure to create Ministry of Interior Account in this article. ”Register for MOI Account
  • If you already have an account with MOI, you need to login to it. The procedure to login to MOI has been changed significantly. New procedure is explained in this link “Process to login to MOI (Abshir) account

Once you are logged in to the MOI account, you need to click on “E-Services” tab given above. After that on the left hand side, search for “MOI Diwan” tab and click here. A drop down list will appear from which you will have to select “Query Available Funds”.

As soon as you will click this icon, your available funds details will appear there. In this way you can check if you have made the payment in correct category. Let us say, if you have paid a deposit of SR 400 for license, it will appear in the detail. But as soon as the license is created in the books of Traffic Police, this amount will disappear. In this way, you can check if your transaction is processed or not.


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