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Manual Procedure to Extend Exit Re-Entry Visa after Expiry

In my previous articles, I have covered in detail the procedure to apply for exit re-entry visa and the process to follow if exit re-entry visa expires while you are outside Saudi Arabia. Here I shall be describing about the procedure to follow if exit re-entry visa of any of your dependents expires while you are in Saudi Arabia. In such situation, you will have to take action since you are the Kafeel of your dependents. Normally, if exit re-entry visa expires while you are out of Saudi Arabia, you cannot come back unless your Kafeel makes some serious efforts for you. In the following paragraphs, I will be explaining about the procedure to bring back your family or family member to Saudi Arabia if their exit re-entry visa expires. Major contributor of the below procedure is Mr. Ace Navea. He took all the pictures of the below documents and sent it to me along with detailed procedure. There is an Online Procedure to Extend Exit Re-Entry Visa as well. You can also look at that procedure.

Is your dependent entitled to come back to Saudi Arabia after expiry of Iqama?
  1. First of all, you have to make sure that Iqama of your dependent is valid. If Iqama of your dependent is not valid, you are gone! Nothing can be done in such situation. You can check the iqama expiry date through this link “Check Iqama Expiry Date
  2. If Iqama is valid second point is to check the expiry date of Exit Re-entry visa. Any valid Iqama holder can enter to Saudi Arabia after expiry of exit re-entry visa within 7 months. If he is a student, this period is extended to 13 months. However, the condition of Iqama validity will still prevail. 7 and 13 months are counted from the date of expiry of exit re-entry visa.

Manual Procedure to Extend Exit Re-Entry Visa after Expiry
  • Now you need to go to the Jawazat Office to get Family Registration Document. In this document all the members of the family will be mentioned. You just need to present your iqama to them to do this process. This form will be like this.

  • After that, you need to go to Abshir Office inside the Jawazat office. You will have to fill a form there which is all about your family details e.g. date of expiry of exit re-entry visa etc. The officer there will sign and stamp the form. This is to make sure that the family member whose extension of exit re-entry visa you are applying is your legitimate family member. It is also called Maloomat an Muqeem. Both of these documents need to be attested by the Ministry of Interior. 

  • You need a letter requesting directly the Saudi Embassy of the country where your family member is overstaying to extend the visa period of the family member and allow him to enter to Saudi Arabia. The format of this letter can be obtained from the agents sitting in front of the Jawazat office. This letter needs to be signed by you as well as your employer. 
  • You also need a letter from your employer requesting Ministry of Interior to attest the above two documents obtained from Jawazat office.
  • After that, both of these letters should be stamped by the chamber of commerce of the city where you are residing. We have listed down some important points for attestation of documents from Chamber of Commerce. I would recommend you to read them before personally visiting chamber of commerce. Sample letter is also given below.

  • All the documents (two documents from Jawazat office attested by MOI and one letter attested by COC needs to be further attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • If the over stayer is a student and period of overstay has increased 7 months, he needs a letter from his school /  university detailing that he is currently student of that institution. This letter should also be attested by the Notary Public or from any other institution to the satisfaction of the Saudi Embassy.
  • Surrender all these documents to the agent you have hired for this purpose in your home country and ask him to process your visa ASAP. The stamped visa will be like this.

Important Note from Ace Navea
  • My advice to anyone who wants to extend their dependent's re-entry visa is to first contact an Agent/Agency from your home country. Talk to him and let them tell you what exactly the Saudi Embassy requires because end of the day it is the embassy of Saudi Arabia in your country who will approve the request. It took me a month because of this uncertainty. I only prepare the first 3 documents here in KSA. I did not go or do anything in MOFA. I let the agent in my country pay for the visa which cost only less than SR 200.
  • Raja: As per my knowledge, the visa extension MOI office is in Riyadh. The location Olaya Street, opposite Saudi airlines head office, near McDonald next 3rd building. Ask from reception, they will provide the address for preparing letter m/a details step 4. Prepare letter Arabic format. Office working hours 8 to 4

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  1. Hi,

    What happens if both the Iqama and Exit Re-entry visa expire while the dependents are outside saudi Arabia? Can we bring the dependents back as soon as they can travel? Does any travel ban apply to them? And Do we need to apply for a new visa?

    Once a new visa is issue, what additional documents are needed for visa endorsement back in the home country? I keep hearing they ask for some exit not sure.

    Please enlighten us.

    Thanks in advance.
    Best Regards

    1. Once Iqama and exit re-entry is expired, it means they cannot come back on same visa. I think you will have to apply for another visa. I will try to collect information about the procedure of applying visa for the second time for the same family upload it in my blog.

      Please keep yourself updated by visiting our blog.

  2. Assalam o alaikum..
    please help me, i withdrew a golden opportunity to work in KSA because of this....
    i am a female (from pakistan) got the job of flight attendant in SAUDI AIRLINE few months back.. and i could not join there because i wanted to bring my husband and 3 years old son along with me, the HR dept. here in karachi said, the visa is given for candidate only.. so i tried by myself that they somehow go with me... but even nobody is selling visa for KSA in karachi now..they would not b dependent on my salary or accomadation.. i just want them go with me.. plz any help (for next time)
    thank you

    1. W.Salam!
      I heard about this recruitment from Pakistan and many girls came on training first and now they are selected.
      1. First of all, I would like to confirm that they do not offer family status to flight attendants. It means that even if your Husband is living in KSA, you would not be able to live with him. You will have to live in the compound provided by the Saudi Airlines.

      2. Your husband will also have to work since the salary they offer is not enough to meet the running expenses of a family.

      3. In the following article, I have explained the detailed procedure of getting free visa for Saudi Arabia. Have a look at it.

    2. Wslam, Accept this job and come to Saudia, then ask your husband and son to come on Umrah Visa, ( not visit Visa), even if you are not in western part still they can come and travel to Riyadh by air line no one checks their umrah visa,then let it umarah visa expire later on,he will be job less and illegal, teach him cooking and baby sitting,and enjoy home cooked food when you come back tried from your work, he will be working as a baby sitter cum husband and later he can have more babies from your saudi colleagues,this can become his full time job, once your contract is finished go back and he will have a minor punishment and up to that time he would have become a " Sughar" husband. I am a frequent flyer if you see me don't forget to Thank me about my advise.



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