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Procedure of (Transfer of Information) Naqal Maloomat of Passport

We have talked about some unique procedures through which residents have to go through in Saudi Arabia. For example, the procedure of submission of copy of renewed Iqama to bank to avoid freezing of bank account. Similarly, you have to update your new passport from the Jawazat (Passport Office) in Saudi Arabia to make it valid. You will not be able to travel out of Saudi Arabia if your passport is not updated in the MOI system. Technically speaking, transferring of Information means that new passport number is updated in the systems of Jawazat (MOI). It hardly takes less than a minute of Jawazat officials.

  1. Who can transfer the passport information?  It is important to mention here that your sponsor (Kafeel) is the only person who can visit Jawazat to transfer the information from one passport to another. So, if you are an employee, your Kafeel is responsible for this. But you can visit Jawazat yourself for the transfer of information of passports of your legal dependents.
  2. First of all, you need to locate the office of Jawazat (Passport Office) where this activity is performed. There are several offices of Jawazat in every city. Every office does not perform this function. If you are living in Jeddah, you can go to Rehab office of Jawazat. Map Location is available below.
  3. Try to go to Jawazat office at around 10 am in the morning. If you go too early in the morning, it will be very crowded. You will have to wait a lot for transferring the information. If you go a bit late, let us say 11 am, there are chances that your turn will be after Duhr. It also means, you will have to wait a lot. So, 10am is good timing.
  4. Copy of Iqama of Sponsor, Copy of Iqama of dependent, Copy of New Passport, Copy of Old Passport, Filled Form for transfer of Information are the documents required to be submitted to the Jawazat. Moreover, you must have old and new original passports. Recommended: Download “Iqama Form” for Saudi Jawazat (Passport Office)
  5. When you go to Jawazat office, make sure that you are sitting in the right room. If you can read Arabic, just check that you are sitting in front of windows of “Naqal Maloomat”. If you are not good in arabic, try to ask from at least 2,3 people about it. Take the token immediately; you will be in waiting list once the token is issued.
  6. If you don’t have form, you can take it from Jawazat office at the spot. Fill it yourself if you know Arabic. Otherwise, you can seek help of any Arabic speaking guy for this purpose. You can also find some person in the waiting list of your nationality. You can their assistance as well as he may have a filled form.
  7. Wait for your turn and submit all the documents to Jawazat officer on the window. He will check the records and then update the passport details in the system.  If everything goes fine, your transfer of information is done. When I did this, it took around 90 minutes.
  8. Penalty on Naqal Maloomat: There is a penalty of SAR 1000 to do naqal maloomat if the passport was lost.
  9. Passport is renewed in Native Country: What if your passport is renewed in your home country and not in Saudi Arabia? Will you be allowed entry in Saudi Arabia? We have given detailed guidelines in this regard in the following link "Entering to Saudi Arabia on New Passport"
  10. How to check that Naqal Maloomat has been done properly: After completing all this process, you should check at least once before travelling, that Naqal Maloomat has been done properly. There are cases when despite of going through all this process, Naqal Maloomat was still not updated in the system. As a result of which, passengers had to face real problems. Please read this article to check if the Naqal Maloomat has been done properly. Recommended: How to check if Naqal Maloomat has been done properly?

Map Location of Jawazat Office in Jeddah for Transfer of Passport Information

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