Tuesday, May 13, 2014

4 Points to Take Care in Internet Banking in Saudi Arabia

The use of internet banking has increased by many times in recent years. Apart from some people of old mentality, everyone has gained the access of internet banking from their respective banks. Especially in Saudi Arabia many problems are resolved if you have an internet banking account. You can deposit all government fees, make SADAD payments, transfer money to Saudi Arabia as well as to your own country and check your balance without any trouble.  However, it is very important to secure your banking account to avoid any risk of fraud or internet crime. I am providing some tips to use internet banking safely in the below lines.

Normal websites address starts from http but when you are going to login to your account, you must make sure that you are logging into a website address starting from https. This additional S shows that your transaction is safe and it is secured website.

Fake Website Link
It is always important to look into URL of the bank websites before entering your log in details. Sometimes hackers design the same website with a similar URL to your bank’s website. When you enter your user ID and password, it is transported to the hackers very easily. After that, you don’t need to worry about your hard earned money; they will take care of it.

Never Use Public Computer
You should never use public computer to login to your bank account. They may have some hidden software which can steal all your important information from you. It is also possible that someone from remote location is hacking that public computer.

Keep Mobile in Custody
Whenever you login to your banking account, a confirmation message is sent to the mobile phone registered with the bank. You should always keep your mobile phone in your custody and never leave it at any place. If you ever lose your mobile phone, call the helpline and deactivate your SIM card.


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