Monday, May 26, 2014

Check Expiry of Health Insurance Online

One of the most appreciated steps taken by the Saudi government in the last one decade is giving online access of different facilities to the expatriates living in Saudi Arabia. Now there is no need to call your insurance company to know about the expiry of health insurance. You can check validity of health insurance of you and all your dependents and sponsorees if you have a registered MOI account. If you don’t have a registered account on the website of Ministry of Interior, please read this article for the guidelines of getting it registered. Recommended: Register for Abshir – MOI services

Step by step process to check the Expiry of Health Insurance
First of all you will have to login to your MOI account from the MOI website. You can open the website by clicking on this Link. Process to login to your MOI account has been changed a little bit. Have a look at the updated procedure in this link. Recommended: Process to Login to Abshir (MOI) Account

Following screen will be opened. You will have to click on “E-Services”, “Civil Affairs” and  “Query Health Insurance”.

A new page will be opened in which issue and expiry date of health insurance is mentioned. However, it should be kept in mind that these are your details. If you want to check expiry of health insurance of any of your dependents, you need to select the family member name from the drop down list as indicated in the below screen shot.

Check Expiry of Health Insurance through SMS
You can also check the validity of Health Insurance by sending an SMS containing following code to 88988. Write 10*"Iqama number" in your message and send it to 88988. Example 10*1234567890

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