Saturday, May 31, 2014

Check Traffic Violation under your Iqama

The official said, "The value of the traffic ticket will increase to its maximum if it is not paid within a month of registering it in the system. But we already inform violators of the traffic violations through text messages,” he added. Source: Arab NewsI heard that some 5,6 years ago, people had to pay fines due to traffic violations. If this fine was not paid in time, you had to pay penalties and fines for the late payment of fine. Most of the expatriates living in Saudi Arabia want to pay fines as soon as it is due to avoid the penalty for the late payment. However, many of them don’t get to know about their fines. How would you pay your fine when you don’t even know about it?

This problem was solved when government provided access to each and every expatriate living in Saudi Arabia to check fines under their Iqama. Now by accessing the website of Ministry of Interior, you can check the fines and penalties due to traffic violations under your Iqama very easily. I have explained in detail the step by step procedure of checking the fines and penalties due to traffic violation under your Iqama below;

Step by Step Process to check traffic violations under your Iqama
  1. In order to check the traffic violations under anyone’s Iqama, you just need to have his Iqama number.
  2. Open MOI website;

o   Click on the tab “English” to view the website in English
o   Click on “E-Services
o   Click on “Traffic” tab on the left hand side.
o   Click on the “Query Traffic Violation” on the drop down list
o   You can also open this link as shortcut.
o   Enter the Iqama Number in the first box
o   Enter the Image Code in the second box.
o   Click on “View” tab
·         If you have any unpaid violation under your Iqama, it will appear on screen.


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