Wednesday, May 21, 2014

List of Iqama Professions reserved for Saudis

One and only legitimate entertainment in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for expatriates is to spend time with family. Most of us know that without having suitable profession, we cannot bring our family to Saudi Arabia neither on Family Visit Visa nor Permanent Visa. If profession upon your Iqama is not suitable, you may have to change profession of Iqama (detailed guideline is given in this article). If you have already applied for change of profession, you can check the status of change in profession in this article.

Very Important
Arab News has reported today that authorities have added 19 more professions into the category of professions which are reserved only for Saudis. Although list of all those professions has not been disclosed yet but expatriates having those professions will be under high risk of termination from employers. They will either have to change profession or leave the job. Ministry of Interior will not be renewing Iqamas for those professions. After adding the professions which are recently reserved for Saudis in the list, the updated list can be checked at the end of the article.

While changing profession on Iqama, you must ensure that the profession on your Iqama is not one of those reserved for Saudis. If your Iqama profession is one of those reserved for Saudis, you might be in trouble in future. Uncertainty is the only certain thing in Saudi Arabia. You never know when they start an operation against these professions and you become victim. So, it is very important to change your Iqama to some other profession if currently it is one of those reserved for Saudis.

Following professions are reserved for only Saudis in Saudi Arabia;
  1. Cashier
  2. Complaint Clerk or Claims Clerk
  3. Booking Clerk
  4. Custom Broker or Custom Clearance Employee
  5. Director of personnel relations
  6. Director of labor affairs
  7. Reservation Agent
  8. Tourist Program Designer
  9. Duty Clerk or Attendance Control Clerk
  10. Employment clerk
  11. Executive HR Manager
  12. Female Sales Specialist for Ladies Shop
  13. Head of Personnel Department
  14. HR Manager
  15. Senior HR Coordinator
  16. Payroll Officer
  17. HR Director
  18. Compensation and Benefits Officer
  19. Training Manager
  20. Key Specialist
  21. Labor Affairs Manager
  22. Receptionist (general)
  23. Receptionist (hospitals)
  24. Receptionist (hotel)
  25. Recruitment Clerk or Employment Clerk
  26. Representative or Broker
  27. Security Guard
  28. Treasurer
  29. Staff Affairs Clerk or Personal Affairs Clerk
  30. Staff Relations Manager
  31. Staff Relations Specialist
  32. Individual Affairs Clerk
  33. Time-keeper
  34. Typist


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