Saturday, May 31, 2014

Moments Photography

Moments Photography

Weddings have always been a fun gathering where you would meet people whom you have never met since years and therefore, this experience requires to be an extravagantly splendorous one which is only possible if you are able to create the exact fairy tale the couple has idealized.

Wedding day is a special day for every couple who have dreamed about it, a day when all the eyes will be focusing on them, needs only to be the most memorable one. We Moments Photography capture all the moments, the happiest and the sad ones, the ones that a couple will cherish all of their lives. Those most joyous moments of matrimonial union captured by us becomes a great deal of inspiration and sharing. 

We freeze every single tiny detail for our clients so that they become an undeniable pleasure to look at as well as images with interesting stories to talk about or hear about. Moments Photography is not about just a wedding photography it is a combination of Art, Designing and Photography all merged together into one form. Every Photo we work on becomes a piece of art for us into which we put our non-stop efforts to reach perfection. We create an artistic as well as a romantic mood which the bride and the groom will never forget.

Perhaps, It is because wedding is the only part of fairy tale that exists in reality, therefore, we try our maximum to produce videos and albums that reflect the same story.

We will be always there for you.
Call us on 0554428943, or inbox us in this link,  we will contact you instantly. Beginning from our first meeting till the last we will always try to suite your comforts.   

Our Services
  • Pre- wedding consultation
  •  Full day coverage from the Bride’s preparation at beauty center till the end of ceremony
  •  Outdoor Photography on beach to create unique and romantic scenes if require
  • Individual photography and print outs
  • DVD Slide show videos
  • Wedding Movie 
  • Beautifully Designed Custom Digital Albums, Mini albums, Couple Portrait/landscape Wall hanging, Mini snaps


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