Saturday, May 31, 2014

Standard Medical Policy in Saudi Arabia

1.   Company is responsible for insuring the health of all its employees.
2.   In case if family status is given to any employee, company will be responsible for health insurance of all the dependents of the employees as well. However, sponsored dependents (Father, Mother, Sister, and Brother) will not be considered for the purpose of insurance.
3.   If due to any reason, Company does not renew or create the insurance policy for any of its employee, he will be entitled to claim his actual expenses from the Company.

4.   There are two portions of every medical bill. Partially it is paid by the insurance company and other portion is paid by the employees. Employees can claim the reimbursement of the portion paid by them from the Company.
5.   Reimbursement for the medical expenses will be made after submitting the original invoice of health center.
6.   If any medical expense is not covered by the insurance policy or overall cost exceeds the insurance coverage, Company will not be liable to reimburse any expense to the employees.

Standard Procedures
1.   It is the responsibility of the HR department to apply for the insurance card of every new employee once he has completed the probation period.
2.   Employee will have to fill a reimbursement form (Form C) if he wants to claim for the medical expenses. This form must be surrendered to the HR department for approval.
3.   All the vouchers for the medical expenses must be attached to the form in original. Photocopies will not be accepted in any case.
4.   After getting approval from the HR Department, Finance Department will reimburse the amount of medical expense to the employee along with salary for the month.


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