Saturday, May 31, 2014

Standard Policy Regarding Iqama Transfer Fee

1.   Company will pay the Iqama Transfer Fee of every employee. However, contribution of the Company will be equivalent to the Iqama Transfer Fee which company has to pay for the first Iqama transfer of any employee. Remaining amount will be deducted from the next salary of the employee. In this way, in case of ;
Transfer Number
Company ‘s Contribution
Employee’s Contribution
First Iqama Transfer
SR 2,000/-
Second Iqama Transfer
SR 2,000/-
SR 2,000
Third Iqama Transfer
SR 2,000/-
SR 4,000/-

2.   Any other expenses related to the transfer apart from Iqama transfer fee will be fully paid by the Company.
3.   An Employee can request that his contribution of Iqama Transfer Fee is deducted from his subsequent salaries in six months.

Standard Procedure
1.   If an employee wants his iqama transfer fee to be deducted from his salary in six months installments, he will have to fill “Form D”
2.   Form D will be approved by the Finance Manage if employee’s contribution is SR 2,000/-
3.   Form D will be approved by the General Manager is employee’s contribution is SR 4,000/-
4.   Finance Department will be responsible for making all subsequent deductions from the salaries of the employee in pursuant of the “Form D”


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