Saturday, May 31, 2014

Standard Recruitment Policy in Saudi Arabia

1.   Department head will submit a request to HR for the new recruitment of the employees stating the number of employees, designations, job requirements and required qualification.
2.   HR Manager will take the request and get it approved by the CEO.
3.   After the approval is made by the CEO, job advertisement will be published in newspaper or websites.
4.   HR Department will receive the profiles from the potential employees and shortlist them according to the job requirements.
5.   A committee will be formed to conduct the interviews containing the department head, department manager and HR manager all level of employees except managerial jobs.
6.   Interviews at managerial level will be conducted by a committee consisting of CEO, General Manager and relevant department head.
7.   After selection, it is the responsibility of the HR manager to arrange for visa or transfer of sponsorship of the employee.


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