Saturday, 31 May 2014

Ticketing Policy in Saudi Arabia

Ticketing Policy
1.   Every employee is entitled for air-ticket only to his home country.
2.   All the officers of the company are entitled for air-ticket to their home country once in a year.
3.   All other employees of the company are entitled for air-ticket once after two years.
4.   Employees with the family status are entitled for the air-ticket for all their legitimate dependents under his Iqama. Sponsored dependents (Father, Mother, Brothers and Sisters) will not be awarded air-ticket.

5.   Encashment of air-ticket is not allowed in any circumstances.
6.   An employee can avail an air-ticket only after completing his first year in the company.
7.   If employee wants to change the itinerary ticket subsequently in any circumstances, he will have to bear the cost of change of ticket.
8.   Date of Joining of the employee will be taken into account for entitlement of air-ticket.

Standard Procedures
1.   Employee will have to submit a leave form (Form A) to the HR department if he wants to avail leaves. If this leave form is approved by department head and HR department, he will be eligible for the vacation.
2.   Employee will have to submit a Ticket Form (Form B) to the HR department stating the expected date of his departure and return.
3.   HR department will check that the dates mentioned in the Ticket Form are coinciding with the dates mentioned in the leave form. If everything goes fine, HR department will approve the form.
4.   HR department will be responsible for making arrangement of tickets and exit re-entry visa.
5.   Exit Re-Entry Visa will be issued for a maximum period (180 days) irrespective of the return date of the employee.

Ticket and Exit Re-Entry visa will be handed over to the employee at least 7 days before his departure.


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