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Types of Marriages in Muslim World

Islam teaches Muslims to treat the women with respect and honor. The concept of respect and honor in Islam is entirely different from the western world. It is a matter of great dignity for Muslim women when she veils herself from other people who are not her family members. However, I would not be wrong in stating that even in Muslim world, women are not treated with the respect, honor and dignity for which they are entitled to as per Islamic Guidelines. It is very important to mention here that I am not talking about all Muslims. I am talking about only those Muslim men who misuse the women physically, emotionally and financially.

Some men exploit their women in the name of Islam as much as they want. Women cannot survive in the that environment without men, so they just become slaves and bear all the hardships of lives. One of many problems women have to face now days is the number and type of marriages which Muslim men do. In this article, I will be explaining the type of marriages in Muslim World along with their legal status. Be noted that I am not an Islamic scholar; I don’t pass any opinion about the legitimacy of these marriages in Islam. But Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia has said in his statement June 22, 2014 that all the marriages with the temporary intention are prohibited in Islam. Source: Arab News

Type of Marriages in Muslim World

Nikah – Normal Marriage
In this marriage, husband and wife accept each other for the whole life in front of many witnesses. Husband gives Mahar (gift) to wife and undertakes to bear all her social, financial and all other responsibilities of her. In case of child birth, it is also responsibility of both man and woman. A woman is most secured in this kind of marriage. We know about this marriage a lot, so I will not waste time in explaining it.

Misyar is a temporary marriage in Muslim World. In this marriage woman gives up all her rights available to her in normal Islamic marriage. Man does not have any social responsibility for the woman. They just meet each other to have physical relationship. You can say that meeting physical needs is the root cause of this type of marriage. Actually, Misyar is a “Koensdeler” relationship. Koensdeler is a Danish word which means a woman who is neither your wife, nor girlfriend. In Misyar, man and women don’t bind each other socially. They don’t even demand loyalty from each other. Whenever you have that particular need, just call each other, spend time together and have your ways. If you are fed up with the lady, just tell her that you don’t need her anymore and that’s it!!! In case of birth of any child out of this relationship, court takes decision with whom the child will stay. Normally, child stays with mother and father takes responsibility of paying an agreed monthly amount to woman. Misyar practice is in line with Ministry of Justice regulations requiring the husband to sign contract documents that have to be ratified by local courts in accordance with Article 22 of the Saudi Marriage Act.

Mutah means Sexual Pleasure. Mutah marriage is generally takes place in Shia families. There is no big difference between Misyar and Mutah except of timing. In Mutah, man and woman set a timing (3 days, one week, one month, one year) after which they have every right not to accept each other. They don’t have any responsibility, social binding or commitment to each other. In Mutah and Misyar, man and women are not required to live with each other under a roof. They can call each other at any time to meet their physical needs. You can analyze that both these relations, Mutah and Misyar are very unfavorable for women living in male dominant societies. Mutah is not allowed legally in Saudi Arabia. However, it is done in many Shia families. In case of birth of any child out of this relationship, elders of a family decide about the financial and guardianship responsibilities. However, since it is not legal in Saudi Arabia, so man is not binding by the court to pay off his responsibility.

I call it a holiday’s marriage. In this kind of marriage, when Muslims go on vacation to other countries like Malaysia, Srilanka, India and Pakistan, they marry to poor girls there. These marriages are performed in collusion with a local agent who becomes middleman. Girls take proper compensation for marrying short time. He spends time with her in the vacation period and then leaves her on her own. This kind of marriage is not legal in Saudi Arabia since Saudi man needs to take permission from Saudi government before marrying to Non-Saudi Girl.

Friend Marriage
This is perhaps the shortest marriage. In this marriage, Muslim man and women marry to each other for a single night, week or so. Woman does not go to the house of man but she spends some time with him in the hotel or at her place. He fulfills his physical needs and gives divorce to that girl. Obviously, girl demands good charges for becoming one night bride. Obviously, this marriage is also not allowed as per Saudi Laws.

This is foreign study or business trip marriage. Wherever you go outside for a longer educational or business foreign trip, you are allowed to marry there to meet your physical needs. In Misfar, Muslim men marry to the foreign women without letting her know about his intention to leave her at the end of his trip. These women are formally divorced after a short period of time. Saudi government does not accept this marriage or the children out of this marriage since it is not done after taking the permission from them. So, children don’t get Saudi Nationality, wife does not get it either. At the end of the day, she cannot even come to Saudi Arabia to claim anything from her ex-husband. It is really like using a woman as tissue paper.

In this type of marriage, all the arrangements are made as a normal marriage but man and woman don’t sign an official contract. It means that this marriage is not officially binding upon the man or woman. Man can use his woman for as much time as he wants.


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