Thursday, June 5, 2014

6 months validity of Passport for Exit Re-Entry Visa

My passport is valid for less than six months, can I apply for Exit Re-Entry Visa?

For some nationalities, including UK nationals, Jawazat asks for at least 6 month's validity of passport to issue exit re-entry visa. A lady shared her experience with us when her daughter was unable to go with her even when she had 5 months validity of passport. It is better to keep your passport updated every time to avoid such issues. You do not know about Saudi Laws, they can change any law at any point of time without even letting others know about it. 

Mother’s Question
My daughter’s British passport expires in December and we are due to fly in two days. Was trying to apply for the exit/entry visa today and it won't allow me to do so for her. Will this be an issue if I visit the Jawazaat office? Will I be able to get this done before tomorrow night?

Answer from Steve
Your daughter has still 6 months validity in Passport. Exit Re-Entry cannot be rejected on this basis. My friend just went to his home country with passport validity of only two months. There must be some other reason of this. Have you checked that you do not have any fines under her sponsor's Iqama.

Mother’s Comment
That's what it said online when her father applied. My visa and my younger daughter’s visa were done immediately. Hubby's gone to the Jawazaat office to try and sort it now. No fines or anything under her father’s Iqama. Let's hope they can sort it out today as I'm assuming everything will be closed tomorrow and then just Saturday left.

Answer from Steve
It is very strange for me. I hope everything will be fine. Please do not forget to update us about the result

Mother’s Comment
Well. They have refused to issue thethe exit/re entry visa. They have said we need six months validity on the passport. The only way of making use of the ticket is for my daughter to go out on final exit and we have to do the whole istikdaam and iqaama process again for her when we return to the UK. Or I can go without her and apply for her renewed British passport when I go. However as far as I am aware I cannot apply for her passport unless she is in the country with me???? I know you cannot apply for your own passport without being in the country but can I as her mother with parental responsibility apply for her passport whilst she is in KSA??

Answer from Steve
I am very sorry to know about your daughter. They can change law anytime without even bringing it to the knowledge of anyone.
I do not know about law of UK. But as far as law of my country is concerned, each and every children need to be present in the passport department while applying for passport.


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