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Accepting Job Offer in Saudi Arabia

What are the job prospects in Saudi Arabia if I accept a Salary of SR 3,000/-?

Question about Accepting Job Offer
I couldn’t find any official website in Saudi Authorities in English which could guide us like you are guiding us. You are doing a very noble job here in fact you are guiding thousands of people who are interested to live and work in Saudi Arabia. I highly appreciate your great efforts. I am considering for accepting the job offer of 3000 Saudi Riyal since like so many people I am also desperate to work in abroad. I have few more questions; I would be so kind for your suggestions.

  1. Suppose I accept this less salary job offer and I join the company in Saudi Arabia but later if I find uncomfortable situation and working conditions unsatisfactory then can I resign from my employer like we do in other countries i.e. serving company one month notice period? Or the Saudi company will not allow me to leave job before 2 years contract? I have heard that in case of breaching of contract employee has to pay money to the employer equivalent to two salaries?
  2. Suppose while working with that company I have found new job offer i.e. another company in Saudi Arabia with good salary package can I resign and then how can I join another employer? I have heard that I will have to go back to my country and then come again with different employer visa.
  3. How can I bring my wife to Saudi Arabia within 1 -3 months of my joining to company? Since my wife cannot live without me longer time. What documents I should ask from my employer to expedite the wife visa process?

Actually I do not want to miss opportunity to work in abroad thus I am not refusing 3000 Saudi Riyal salary offer but honestly on the other side I am seriously worried due to very less salary package so what I am thinking is that grab the offer, search better opportunities and switch employer with good salary package and if I couldn’t find better jobs or if they do not allow me to bring my wife in Saudi Arabia within 3 months then I will resign and move back to my country.

Answer from Steve
Thanks for the appreciation!

  1. Legally speaking, you can go back to your home country within three months of your arrival to Kingdom. However, actually many a times employers exploit employees and ask them to pay certain sum of money incurred on their visa and tickets. After completing your probation period, if company signs a contract, then you cannot leave them for 2 years. There is nothing true about two salaries.
  2. I have published a detailed article in this regard. Have a look at it.
  3. In order to bring your wife to Saudi Arabia, you will have to go through a certain procedure. I have explained it in the below article.

Questioner’s Comment

It means that it is impossible to bring my wife in Saudi Arabia before 03 months or probation period. After signing contract getting IQAMA and then permission letter from employer I may apply for my wife visa i.e. it may take 03 – 06 months to bring my wife in Saudi Arabia. Is there any other option available to bring my wife immediately???

I am already paying 100,000 Pakistani Rupee to the agent (Recruitment Company) who is offering me this job on behalf of Saudi Company client. This amount includes my visa and air ticket fees then why I should give money to Saudi employer at the time of exit or resigning???

Answer from Steve
You cannot bring your family before having your Iqama. If your employer processes the Iqama in first week, you can apply for the visa of your wife in next week. There is another important issue which you did not check is the profession on the visa. If you do not have suitable profession, you cannot bring your family to Kingdom.

As far as PKR 100,000 is concerned, he is taking this money from you illegally and your employer will also be asking you to pay him money illegally if you want to go back to your country. You cannot do anything with your Pakistani agent; you would not be able to do anything with your Saudi Employer.

Although you did not ask but I would like you to read following article before signing any contract or making any decision. It is not easy to stay here with family with SR 3,000. This article is related to cost of living in Saudi Arabia.

Average Salary by Profession in Saudi Arabia

Asking for a package or accepting a job offer can be dodging for you if you don’t know about the average salary of your profession in Saudi Arabia, I have published an article regarding this from which you can take a guidance about the package to ask for. “Average Salary by Profession in Saudi Arabia


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