Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Alien Abduction Insurance

Some years ago rare news published in newspapers about an insurance company launching “Alien Abduction Insurance”. Perhaps the need of launching this policy arises due to overwhelming interest of viewers in the Hollywood movies involving Aliens. We have seen movies where aliens are coming from a different planet and trying to destroy our precious Earth with different kind of weapons and tricks. Perhaps it induced that Insurance Company to launch a new insurance policy called “Alien Abduction Insurance”.

Coverage of Alien Abduction Insurance
Alien Abduction Insurance covers you from the loss or abduction you may face due to some attack of the Aliens to you, your property or anything else. Alien Abduction Insurance is a rare type of insurance where burden of proof that you have been attacked by the Alien lies upon the owner of the insurance policy. You will be thinking how can one prove that he has been hit by the alien? Well, this is the beauty of Alien Abduction Insurance.

Cost of Alien Abduction Insurance
Any guess about the insurance premium one has to pay for Alien Abduction Insurance? This policy normally costs $1.5 for the insurance coverage of $1.5 million, No I am not kidding it is a fact! Insurance companies are offering insurance coverage from $10,000/- to $10 million for Alien Abduction Insurance. More than 20,000 people have purchased this insurance up to now as per Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine, Kimberly Lankford. Most recently Alien Abduction Insurance Corporation has launched a lifetime Alien Abduction Insurance for as low as $9.95/- One benefit of this kind of policy is that the claim amount will be doubled if you are hit by the alien when you are pregnant. Some people say that this insurance policy is only purchased by the feeble minded people. Feeble minded people are those people who a small mental disorder.

Claims of Alien Abduction Insurance
First company who launched the Alien Abduction Insurance was “UFO Insurance”. According to the company, they have paid at least two insurance claims under Alien Abduction Insurance policy when two people claimed that they have bitten by vampires (they were actually bitten by a bat). The loss was too negligible that UFO Insurance Company approved the claim and started paying $1 per year to the policy holder for a period of 1 million years or till death whichever comes earlier.

Suicide of Heaven’s Gate Religious Group
Heaven’s Gate Religious grouped purchased Alien Abduction Insurance Policy from (London brokerage Goodfellow Rebecca Ingrams Pearson (GRIP) before committing a suicide. Just after this issue, (London brokerage Goodfellow Rebecca Ingrams Pearson (GRIP) stopped issuing Alien Abduction Insurance Policy to their customers. But before this event, even they had sold more than 4,000 insurance policies of this type. As per my knowledge in the field of Insurance, this is the weirdest insurance policy I have ever seen.

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