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Attestation of UK Degrees by Saudi Embassy

My distant education degree is not getting attested by Saudi Embassy, can I apply for permanent family visa on ACCA degree?

Question 1
Hello, I want to firstly applaud your efforts in helping the fellow expatriate community here understand the very confusing rules!
Secondly, I would like your opinion on a problem I am facing here. I have my Iqama and visa profession in order and would like to apply for my wife's permanent family visa but the only setback I have is my degree is not getting attested from Saudi Culture as it comes under Distance Education category. My salary is 4k and I work as an auditor, I am also pursuing ACCA. Government Relations Office is not of much help as he only requires attested degrees from Saudi Culture and Saudi Embassy. I wanted to ask, is there any other way for me to apply for permanent visa?

Answer from Steve
If you are ACCA qualified, you will have to send your degrees to UK embassy and Saudi Culture Office in UK for attestation. If you do not have someone in UK who can do it on your behalf, you may have to contact some agent. One of my friends took the help of this agent. They did the attestation for his degrees in UK. I do not guarantee this website but they have done the process for my friend. Their URL is ACCA is not a Pakistani degree so they cannot attest it. If you have any other Indian degree, you can send it to Pakistan for attestation. I have already explained the procedure of attestation of degrees in this article “How to attest Degrees from Saudi Arabia

Question 1 (2)
ACCA isn't completed yet. Still have a few papers to write, so there is still time to get that degree. I am from India, got my BBA certificates HRD( human resource development) and MEA ( ministry of external affairs) attested, sent for Saudi culture attestation but they returned unattested as my degree falls under distance mode which they don't seem to be accepting nowadays.. So I suppose this is a dead block then, despite of all visa and Iqama status in accordance I can't apply for a permanent visa because of my degree. No other way is it? As I heard that people having salaries above 4k can apply for permanent visa for family if they fall into the proper job category.

Answer from Steve
May be this is the case with distant learning degrees. But if you have passed first 9 papers of ACCA, you can apply for degree of BSC Hons in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brooks University. After that, this degree can be attested from UK Embassy and Culture Office. You just need to submit a thesis to them. I can help you in writing a thesis since I am a professional writer.

Question 2
I am from Pakistan is there any requirements to attest ACCA certificate in order to apply/get visa.  My uncle have arranged accountant visa for me so I need to attest ACCA certificate from Saudi embassy in Pakistan or Saudi embassy in London? If I don't have attestation from Saudi embassy can I get accountant visa?? And one more thing if employer is willing to give me an accountant open visa then what role Saudi embassy would play in this scenario???

Answer by Steve
Attesting ACCA degree is a tiring and long activity since you need to attest it from Saudi Embassy in UK. If you have B.Com degree, you can attest it to get your visa stamped.

Question 2 (2)
If I don't have bachelor degree so the ACCA certificate only will be attested by Saudi embassy in London  If I don't get attestation from Saudi embassy in London then I would not get an accountant visa?

Answer by Steve
In that case, the only legal way is to get it attested from Saudi Embassy in UK. But there are some other ways available about which your agent can guide you well.

Question 2 (3)
Thanks in UK any one can do on my behalf? Only ACCA certificate is needed or anything else is needed?? My uncle in London can perform this for me they have told or I should take services of any agent in London???

Answer by Steve
One of my friends took the help of this agent. They did the attestation for his degrees in UK. I do not guarantee this website but they have done the process for my friend. Their URL is
I think anyone can do it on your behalf.

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