Saturday, June 7, 2014

Best Photographers in Jeddah

Photographers in Jeddah
Finding Best Photographers is one of the difficult tasks for the people living in Jeddah. And when one wants to hire Asians Lady Photographers then we have very limited choice. Most of the people living in the Kingdom prefer Lady Photographers for their wedding due to their Hijaab issues. Firstly, when we talk about lady photographers in Jeddah we find very few. Secondly, if we find any, we are not sure if they give us Quality work. Best quality of a Photographer for Desi shoot is considered to capture traditional clicks in a modern way. This difficult situation motivated us to compile a list of Best Female as well as Male Photographer in Jeddah. We hope it helps you.

“Hi, my name is sadia and I am a professional photographer and graphic designer in jeddah, saudi arabia. I studied BCA (bachelor of computer arts) in the field of Graphic Design and graduated in 2012. My love for photography began when I was doing my bachelor's. We came across different art based courses, after my graduation I bought my first dslr camera and started capturing the things in my daily routineCONTINUE READING

“I'm a Freelance Photographer based in Saudi Arabia. Photography is my Passion and Profession.
I make Photos which create emotion, enhances and highlight the Beauty of the subject…CONTINUE READING


“Weddings have always been a fun gathering where you would meet people whom you have never met since years and therefore, this experience requires to be an extravagantly splendorous one which is only possible if you are able to create the exact fairy tale the couple has idealized.CONTINUE READING

"My name is Sidrah, by profession I am a civil engineer but my passion for photographer led me to this field. I enjoy taking pictures and creating whimsical worlds where size, scale, movement and I function don't play by the rules that we know. I work by the name SJH PHOTOGRAPHY"…CONTINUE READING

Whether it is for your wedding photography, for your corporate or other special event, or for your family portrait, Sada Malik's Production is a name that you can trust
Sada Malik's Production " Its all about capturing the moments"...CONTINUE READING

6. Taha Khan's Photography
My name is Taha Khan and I am a Designer, Developer, Animator, Social Media Specialist and a Photographer. I started working back in the mid of 2004 as designer. Self motivated I pursued my interest in IT and learned new Languages and software from Time to time. In 2011 I started photography as a hobby and currently I am working professionally for many clients…CONTINUE READING

“Asma Siddiqui, An Industrial Engineer turned photographer based in Jeddah. Enjoys lifestyle photography the most but loves to capture anything interesting that would make a timeless image.CONTNUE READING


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