Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Child Birth before Marriage

Can I deliver a baby before getting marriage registered in Saudi Arabia?

Question from Viewer
Jazakallah Khair for sharing such valuable information, May Allah give you more strength. I just wanted to ask you whether is it necessary for expat couple to get married (Nikkah in Saudi Arabia by Qazi) before thier child birth as Marriage already been dine in native Muslim Country. Your early response is needed.

Answer by Steve
Thanks a lot for appreciation brother. It is not required at all. Requirement is that your wife should be under your sponsorship before the delivery.
If you have married in some other country and brought your wife here legally, she will be already under your Iqama. You can check it on her Iqama. If need further clarification, please do not hesitate.

Questioner’s Comment
Thanks for your response, yes I need you for further clarification. Wife was already living in Saudi Arabia having her Iqama under the sponsorship of er brother (as her father has already died), all the requirements as mentioned in your article "getting married in Saudi Arabia" were completed while attending Qazi's court of marriages& Divorces, where Nikkah registration was rejected by saying that attorney document is missing from bride's brother to act as wakeel. Is there any such document is needed? And in such situation where Nikkah is still to be registered, child birth will not face any issues in hospital?

Answer by Steve
Brother, you have to sort out this problem. Further clarification should have been sought from them about the attorney document. Normally, sponsorship of brother is enough to act as Wakeel in case of death of father.
If you have marriage certificate of your native country, you still can transfer the sponsorship of your wife to your name. Please ask the government relations officer of your company.

I am not sure about the problems you will have to face since she is under sponsorship of her brother and unmarried (legally for Saudi Arabia). I don't know how the birth certificate will be created which needs father's name.
In my personal opinion, you should take this issue very seriously and get the sponsorship of your wife transferred to your name.


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