Sunday, June 29, 2014

Extension of Family Visit Visa starts Again

Holy month of Ramadan started with the a great news by the Ministry of Interior when they announced that the expatriates whose family members are already on visit visas can apply for extension of visit visa. This news is warmly welcomed in the circles of expatriates living in Saudi Arabia as they can keep their relatives with them during the month of Ramadan. Many people wanted to stay in the Kingdom till Hajj on visit visa but they were not able to do it earlier. But now with this announcement, thousands of expatriates will be spending Eid with their loved ones.

It should be kept in mind that in an earlier statement by the Jawazat, the extension of visit visas was planned to be stopped from July 01, 2014. We have already informed our reader about that in this article “No More Extension of Visit Visas after July 01

Maj. Gen. Sulaiman bin Abdul Aziz Al-Yahya, director general of passports, clarified that while the restriction has been removed, visitors whose visas are due to expire must file an application with the Passport Department.

Very Important Tip for Expatriates
I would strongly suggest each and every person who wants to apply for the extension of visit visa to apply for it immediately. I have explained the procedure to “Apply for Extension of Family Visit Visa” in this article. If you don’t apply for extension, you will be imposed with fines and penalties which may reach to SR 25,000/- per over stayer. Please do it immediately!

Source: Arab News
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