Saturday, June 14, 2014

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. My Employer is not Processing Final Exit Visa, What course of action I can adopt?
  2. I want to transfer my sponsorship to another Company within probation period, what I can do?
  3. I had my own free visa, now I want to take transfer from Kafeel, what can I do?
  4. How easy or difficult is it to apply for Change in Iqama Profession?
  5. My passport is valid for less than six months, can I apply for Exit Re-Entry Visa?
  6. My daughter's Exit Re-Entry Visa is expired, now how can I bring her to Saudi Arabia?
  7. My Baby is delivered in Saudi Arabia while my wife was on visit visa, what is the procedure to send her back to home country?
  8. My Employer wants me to go back to my country within 10 days before even the date mentioned on my final exit visa, can he cancel it?
  9. I want to settle my family here in KSA, who will bear the cost of applying for the permanent family visa?

Labor Office Related
  1. I have not received Salary from Last 6 months, what kind of action I can take against my employer?
  2. My Kafeel is not accepting Labor Court Decision made against him, what course of action I can adopt?
Saudi Laws and Regulations
  1. My employer has set a maximum limit of End of Service Benefits to be paid to the employees, is it legal?

Other Questions

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