Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Getting Release from Kafeel

I had my own free visa, now I want to take transfer from Kafeel, what can I do?
Can you please help me out to know, the procedure for getting release form my current Employer Sponsorship. Actually I came here in KSA in 2012 buying my own VISA, then in 2013 i transfer my IQAMA to Company due to new Saudi Law as u all know, but now I have better Job Offer, So I don’t want to continue with current Employer, but they are not ready to release me Do I need to go to Saudi Labor Court to get release from current Sponsor Company (Kafeel)? Are they going to help me out in this case??

Answer by Steve
Going to labor court means you are job less for 9 months, after filing the application your employment will be terminated or not valid and if your Kafeel agrees you can work on temporary basis but as per prevailing conditions no employer wants to risk in getting into legal matters.

And after 9 months if the labor court finds your claims are true then they will order for your release, which means you need to be on your own for about one year. Think practically living in a foreign country without job and earnings.

As per your above statement you already had taken one release that means this is second one which will cost you for about 6000 to 7000 SAR for release fee, and if your Kafeel demands then you are in big trouble to shell down more money as per demand, do you think it’s wise to spend all the money (if you have earned or saved), I don't personally advise it.

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