Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Help in Changing Iqama Profession

How easy or difficult is it to apply for Change in Iqama Profession?

Mr. Steve my uncle who lives in KSA told me to come here, now he arranged labor visa for me. I have done M.COM & my major experience in the field of supply chain and some other in Accounts. Kindly Answers the following Q's:

  1. How much time consuming is it to change profession & may I process it before getting the job or after.
  2. If my Iqama is under process, during this period may I be eligible to work?
  3. Are companies facilitating their employees to change profession?
  4. In case of change profession, is it necessary to attest my Degrees before arriving to KSA?
  5. What is market of Supply chain in KSA or is my qualification enough to get the job there or not?

Answer by Steve
Welcome to the land of uncertainties :)

  1. It can be changed at any time but I would suggest you to change it after getting job. Detailed procedure is given in this article.
  2. Legally speaking, you cannot work under any other person but your Kafeel even after your Iqama is processed. But actually people work for other people if other company agrees on it. Now days, it is very restricted but still companies are hiring people like you. Have a look at this article to have an understanding about the legality of your visa.
  3. Normally, good companies encourage their employees to change profession. Even if your company is not encouraging you, you can still pay it from your own pocket to change the sponsorship.
  4. No need, in fact you cannot even attest it given the situation you are facing with.
  5. Your qualification is in accounts and you have experience in Supply Chain. Supply Chain departments are dominated by Saudi employees. But I am sure you will secure a good job. Just like my page and contact me there once you are here. I will try to help you in securing job.


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