Friday, June 27, 2014

Hide Embarrassing Facebook Page Likes from Friends

Concept of being social has been changed in entire world and especially in the Middle East part because of lesser opportunities for physical activities of entertainment. Now being social means being active of social media websites and mostly used social media website in the world is Facebook. Facebook takes care about your confidentiality as no one can see what you are reading, seeing or watching until you don’t like or comment on it. However, a major problem which most of us face is to hide the pages we have just liked on Facebook from our friends and family members. In this article, I will be explaining the detailed procedure of Hiding Embarrassing Facebook Page likes from Friends.

I remember some days ago, I liked a Facebook page showing inappropriate contents and just after 30 minutes I received several messages from my friends in inbox for the type of pages I like on Facebook. Facebook makes it public immediately to others to promote this page. It seems that there is no privacy since I cannot like any page on Facebook just because someone else can see it. I searched on internet and found that there is a way through which we can hide embarrassing Facebook pages likes from others. I have explained it in the below lines.

Procedure to Hide Embarrassing Facebook Page Likes from Friends
  1. First of all you need to check Facebook pages you have already liked on Facebook. Click on this link to go to the Liked Facebook Pages.
  2. Here you will be able to see some suggestions and some categories of Facebook Pages you have already liked. Just neglect the suggestion right now and concentrate on Facebook Page Categories. You need to click on a “Pencil” icon on the right side of the computer screen as shown in the below screen shot. It is called Manage button. 
  3. A click on the manage button will open a drop down list from where you need to select the “Edit Privacy” icon. You can take help from the below screenshot.  Now you are going towards final step of hiding embarrassing Facebook page likes from your friends.
  4. You will find different categories of Facebook pages you have already liked. There may be some categories you don’t have any single like. Categories are decided by the page owner so you don’t have any control over it. For example, at the time of liking a “Sports Page” there is a possibility that he has categorized it as “Restaurants”. So it will appear in restaurants category. Just click on the drop down button of each and every category and click on the button “Only Me”. It is shown in the screenshot below. As soon as this button is clicked, you will find a lock in front of that category. Change the privacy setting of all categories and click on the “Close” button given at the end of the screen.
  5. You are done with this, now you can like whatever page you want to like without having threat that someone else can see it. Enjoy your Facebook time!
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