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Is Saturday a Holiday for all Expats?

Is Saturday a Holiday for all Expats?
Royal Decree in the month of June 2013 changed the historic weekend days from Thursday, Friday to Friday and Saturday. When this news was aired on June 23, 2013 in Arab News, people again started planning for the two days long weekend. Decision was taken by the great King in an effort to align the weekend with the international weekend. Internationally, Saturday and Sunday are weekly off days. By making the Thursday a working day, Saudi Arabia will be enjoying off day only on Friday while rest of the world is on work.

Just like working hours, this decision was taken and implemented on the government sector only. Private Sector companies can switch to this weekend as per their convenience. If they are comfortable or it is the need of their business to work on Thursday, they can work on that day. Most of the companies which had Thursday and Friday as weekly off days switched to Friday and Saturday but it is not the requirement of the government. In this way, you cannot claim from your employer to give you Saturday off. It is very important to mention here that Saudi Labor Law requires only ONE weekly off day for the employees which are generally on Friday. If some company is giving couple of off days in a week, it is upon their discretion.

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