Monday, June 9, 2014

Process you need to follow in case of Traffic Accidents in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is one of those places where accident ratio is very high so you should never ever even think to drive your car without vehicle insurance. According to Arab News, 19 people die daily in Saudi Arabia due to road accident. It means 1 out of every 86 persons die in Saudi Arabia every 5 years due to road accidents in Saudi Arabia. If you meet with any accident, you will have to go through a certain procedure which is explained below;

Process you need to follow in case of Traffic Accidents in Saudi Arabia
  1. If you are involved in road accident, the first rule is that you need to stop your vehicles at the place where they are. You cannot move them unless some traffic police officer arrives at the point of accident and ask you to move vehicles. If you fail to stop your vehicle at the place of accident, you will be fined with SR 10,000 and jailed for 3 months. Source: Saudi Gazette
  2. God forbids, if you feel that there is some injury of anyone involved in accident, you need to provide him possible assistance.
  3. In case of traffic accident, you either need to call Najm or Traffic Police. In case any of the parties involved in traffic accident have insurance, you need to call Najm. If none of the parties involved have valid vehicle insurance, you need to call traffic police at 993. If you have to call Najm, it is better to download and install their application. You can call them easily by using their mobile application. Recommended: Procedure to use Najm Application to Report Traffic Accident
  4. Whoever comes, traffic police or Najm, he will see the position of collision, will take your driving License and vehicle registration and will ask you to park your vehicles at some less crowded place in case you are on a road.  Now after parking all the involved vehicles, officer of traffic police will ask about the accident. If you know his language, you can tell him how accident took place. If you don’t know his language, no need to waste your energy and time.
  5. He will establish the responsibility of parties involved and hand over related documents to both parties after which you can start the process of claiming the money from either insurance company or from the person. Traffic police will help you to recover the money if the defaulted party does not have insurance. Recommended: Procedure of Claiming Insurance after Accident
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