Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sample Letter for Degree Attestation in Saudi Arabia

I remember, when I asked my company to give me a letter for the degree attestation, they refused to provide me. According to them it is not required at all. However, I have already explained in the article, “Attesting Degrees for Saudi Arabia” that it is the prime requirement. After giving them a long speech, they understood that it is really required by the Saudi Embassy and Saudi Consulate in my native country. Now the matter was how to draft it. They asked me to give them a sample letter for both authorities so they can copy paste it. It was again a matter of great difficult since I did not have any such contact who could provide it to me. At that time, one friend sent me these two letters which I am attaching here for your reference. I hope it will serve your purpose.

Letter to Embassy

Letter to Consulate


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