Saturday, June 28, 2014

Transfer of Working Lady Sponsorship

My wife is working lady in Saudi Arabia; can she be transferred under my Sponsorship?

Question by Viewer
Assalam o Alaikum, I hope you find my message in good health condition. I want to seek your advice on an issue. My name is Faisal and I came here in KSA as a dependent of my wife who is working with MOH as a doctor. I am an Electrical Engineer and now i have got a job in Jeddah while my wife is in Taif. i have got the release letters from MOH to transfer my Kafala to my new company which i have submitted and they will do the rest. Now as I will be in Jeddah and my wife in Taif so it is very difficult for both of us therefore I want to bring her here in Jeddah. My questions are;

  1. Is it possible for me to transfer my wife under my kafala and then she resign or she has to complete the contract with MOH?
  2. If she completes the contract is it possible afterwards that she is transferred under my sponsorship and not sent on final exit?
  3. Is it possible for my wife to find a suitable opportunity in Jeddah in private sector and then after the expiry of the contract transfers her sponsorship to the new hospital? 

Please guide me on the better and suitable option which can be best for me.

Answer by Steve
Congratulations for securing the job in Jeddah! As far as your questions are concerned, I will respond you one by one.

  1. No you cannot take her transfer unless MOH releases her from their sponsorship. She will have to be under their sponsorship till the time she is a working lady.
  2. She can talk to the officials in MOH for the transfer to her husband. I do not think they will raise any issue after completion of the contract. I think she would be able to take release papers easily. Even if they do not give release, you can bring her back to KSA on permanent family visa.
  3. She can easily find a job in private sector but there can be some problem in giving release to private sector by MOH. It is better to take her under your sponsorship first and then search for job. As soon as she finds a job, you can transfer her to her new employer.


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