Thursday, 26 June 2014

Wrong Passport Details in Jawazat Records

Passport Details in records of Jawazat is wrong, what should I do?

Question from Viewer
First of all i personally like to thank you for your efforts to help out expatriates with your experience which is providing us very good and beneficial knowledge through this blog which has been the most helpful thing to all of us for either small or trivial issues.

Coming to my issue, as u said I followed the steps for naqal maloomat. I can see there are four dependents in my list (my wife, 2 sons and daughter). However the passport No. of one of my son is not correct....his passport no. is J1154974 but in abshir it’s showing 1154974 with missing "J". I will be traveling in a months’ time and when I try to issue an exit re-entry visa the passport no. is showing will it be any issue at the immigration or on my return from the vacation....plz advice.

Answer from Steve
Brother, since you are going in a month's time, there is no reason of taking risk. You should go again to Jawazat and let them know about the issue. Follow the same procedure as mentioned above as you are going for Naqal Maloomat. Do not try to ask some official without queuing for the window, there are chances that you will be misled.

You never know about the people in immigration, they can create any problem for you. So, it is better to be on safe side.


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