Sunday, July 13, 2014

Suitable Iqama Profession for B.Com in KSA

Which profession is suitable for me if I have B.Com Degree?

Question by Visitor
Actually my company is offering change in profession in my iqama, i have bachelor degree in commerce (B.COM), i have all the administrative skills and company is offering me with two available designations (Profession).
  1. Admin Assistant
  2. Data Admin

If you can help me in selecting the profession by which I will be able to call upon my family, I will be really thankful to you.

Answer by Steve
Problem is that you would not be able to bring your family to KSA with both of these professions. Your degree is in Accounts and your profession will be in admin. You either need to have Accountant profession or degree of admin to bring your family to KSA.

Comment by Visitor
Thanks a lot Steve for your time and for so nice reply. I am sending you my degree and my detailed mark sheet, if you have any suggestion for the best profession according to my documents except accountant because company will definitely not offer me this profession, so please suggest me any good profession so I may tell to my company and which will solve my problem.

Answer by Steve
I have seen many B.Com people but all of them are with the profession of Accountant. I am not sure what kind of other professions is honored by the Saudi Authorities upon this degree.

Comment by Visitor
Ok Steve thanks a lot. I will remember you in my prayers God bless you amen. You really doing a stunning job keep continue.

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