Friday, July 4, 2014

Business Visa after Expiry of Exit Re-Entry Visa

Can I enter to Saudi Arabia on business visit visa if my exit re-entry visa was expired while I was away from Saudi Arabia?

Question by Visitor
My sponsor forcefully sent me on exit re-entry of 14 days upon my resignation for stopping me to come back to Saudi Arabia; they had paid all my dues. The exit reentry period is over and it is showing in MOI as not returned. My Iqama is valid till Feb 2015 so what is the solution to work in Saudi Arabia again. Can I enter to Saudi Arabia on a business visa from other GCC Country? If so what will happen if my ex employer complains once they know I am back in Saudi Arabia on a visit visa?

Answer by Steve
You can enter on business visa but who will issue your businessvisa? Secondly it is only valid for 3 months so what will you do after 3 months? Legally speaking, only your Kafeel can bring you back to Saudi Arabia.  I have explained the procedure of bringing the employee back to Saudi Arabia after expiry of exit re-entry visa in this article. “Procedure after Expiry of Exit Re-Entry

Comment by Visitor
Many thanks for your reply and concern. What if some other company send a business visa and I come there to work for them for 3 months if I am holding some other GCC country job visa. I also want to know while I enter KSA on a business visa the finger print can block my entry or not?

Answer by Steve
You can easily come here on business visit visa even if you hold the business visa of some other GCC country. Your finger prints will not block your entry since you are not coming on work visa, it is a business visa.

Comment by Visitor
Thanks dear! You have given a big relief for a big question for which I was thinking how to solve. Basically, I got another offer to KSA and that’s why I had resigned and my sponsor purposefully given me exit re-entry to stop me joining them which I knew only after my resignation. Now the proposal from my new employer is to stay in Dubai and come to Saudi Arabia for business visits until the ban period is over. But my concern was the finger print which may block my entry and now I have an answer. Sincere gratitude Steve! Keep on moving with your a wonderful deed which is supportive for lot of people who are ignorant about the real rules!!!!

Note: Some of our readers have just commented on our blog and stated that there is no ban period if one employee leaves the country on exit re-entry visa and comes back on new visa to Saudi Arabia unless his employer has registered a Huroob Status against him. Earlier, people used to face a ban period of 3 Years! (I do not take any responsibility of this information since it is provided only by the visitors of this blog. I have not received any source to confirm this update)


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