Sunday, July 13, 2014

8 Major Causes of Road Accidents in Saudi Arabia

Our regular reader and active member of family of Life in Saudi Arabia Mr. Ashif Hussain Raza has just sent us the following article. I must appreciate the quality of his writing. Keep up the good work brother.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is recognized as one of most dangerous countries as far as driving is concerned. According to World Health Organization facts Saudi Arabia has the highest number of deaths caused by road accidents, daily there are almost 20 deaths on Saudi's roads due to road accidents and unfortunately principle portion of this death toll comprising of adults ranging from age 16 to 36 and reasons for this high death rate are coming in below lines.The rules of the road are generally similar to other developed countries in Europe and North America but driving behaviors are quite substandard caused by drivers frequently breaking the traffic rules ignited by poor policing on the roads.

Due to this  high ratio of road accidents and deaths accompanied with  temporary or permanent physical disabilities and billions of Saudi Riyals incurred annually on medical treatments, Saudi Police and other related law enforcement agencies are focusing on landing of laws and management of road safety like introduction of Traffic points system where along with heavy fines, temporary or permanent cancellation of driving license will be normal phenomena for repeatedly violating traffic rules. So in near future having driving license would not more than a luxury in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We are going to describe major causes of road accidents in Saudi Arabia and drivers can avoid accidents by avoiding these causes. We have also published an article "Rules for Safe Driving in Saudi Arabia" and I would suggest you to have a look at it, and comply with all the requirements. 

  1. Over-Speeding
  2. Aggressive driving
  3. Ignoring red lights on Traffic Signals
  4. Lack of lane discipline
  5. Including passing on the inside and on the hard shoulder
  6. Stunt driving
  7. Using a mobile telephone while driving
  8. Under-age drivers are also a danger

God forbids, the first thing a driver must act at the time of car accident is not to move his vehicle from accident place before Police officials arrive to inspect the evidence as if he does so, he will be charged for tempering the accident evidence. We have explained in detail the process you need to adopt in case of accident in this article. "Process in Case of Road AccidentExpatriates should not expect Police officials to speak or understand English or other foreign languages. So in case of accident expat must take the facility of Arabic speaker they can call upon otherwise only the counter parties' stories will be account by the police. Further Expat should also ask for verbal translation of an accident report or other paperwork before signing. 

Various studies show that Human factors are responsible for 80-90% road accidents especially when there are not proper courses taught in Kingdom schools to young students about driving and how to behave on roads, so we can assume a larger proportion of Saudi young drivers are inexperienced and lack proper training. Furthermore, young Saudis do not have a variety of recreational activities in Saudi Arabia so they have taken fast and reckless driving as amusement activity, also they do not behave appropriately to other drivers on roads and sometimes they target expatriate drivers too.


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