Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Checking if it was a Final Exit Visa

I have left Saudi Arabia 6 years ago; I just want to check if my visa was final exit visa?

Question by Visitor
Please advise me also, I was able to work in Saudi Arabia from 2007-2008 as a Nurse in a far flung province in Riyadh, I was terminated from work (work related though). Now, my question is I do not know if I was deported but prior before going back here in the Philippines, I and our Liaison Officer went to I don't know if it was Jawazat or Police Station, but I was finger printed, pictured and Eye scanned. After that, I have waited 2 weeks at our accommodation and was sent back in the Philippines. Way back on the airport, I just presented a paper to the officer and then he stamped "EXIT" on my passport. Does it mean that I was not sent for final exit?

I don't have any plans going back to Saudi but I'm after my records since I don't know, if I was cleared, banned, or deported in Saudi. I am planning to apply for residence in a Western Country and these things 6 years ago might affect. I have tried figuring out if I have any records through the Saudi Embassy here in the Philippines, but I was rejected in the front gate, since the guard stated that only those with official business inside the embassy will be entertained.

Please help since I have no contact with my former workmates as they have left Saudi also. I have no friends who work in Saudi Arabia anymore and no relatives to inquire on my behalf. Kindly advise also if this indicates that I do not have an Exit Visa from Saudi Arabia. This is the only thing that was stamped on my passport almost 6 years ago.

Answer by Steve
I do not see anything bad in this case. Since you have not elaborated about the cause of termination, I cannot comment if they have blacklisted you from entering to Saudi Arabia but in 99.99% cases they do not do it. The procedure they have adopted is a simple procedure for the final exit visa which every single employee has to go through. So do not worry about anything.

If you want to move to Western countries, you might need a police clearance certificate. I have explained the procedure of getting this certificate in this article.


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