Saturday, July 26, 2014

Beheading - the minimum punishment if drugs found in your luggage

Saudi Arabia has strict rules against people involved in dealing with narcotics and drugs. Saudi government has zero tolerance against the people, who deal with drugs or narcotics, smuggle it, use it or involved with it in any other way. There are several disadvantages of using drugs or narcotics on the body, human behavior and ultimately on the social circles. Using does not only destroy your health but also your family circles. In the below lines, we will be explaining about the punishment to the smuggler, dealer and user of the drugs and narcotics. Be careful, penalties may reach up to the sentence to death.

Special Treatment for convicted students
Narcotics Law of Saudi Arabia excludes the students living in Saudi Arabia from the punishment mentioned above. Their treatment is limited to disciplining and monitoring them. To benefit from this exclusion from punishment, the following conditions must be met:
  1. Age must not exceed 20 years
  2. Student must be a regular student of school or college
  3. He should be only a drugs or narcotics user. He should not be drugs or narcotics smuggler or dealer.
  4. He should not be involved in any other crime but using drugs or narcotics.
  5. He should have not been convicted in any other criminal activity.
  6. Offence should not be associated with other ethical crimes.
  7. Using drug should not result in any traffic accident causing death or injuries.
  8. Student must not be a professional driver.
  9. Student should not have resisted the arrest to the Police.
  10. The term of jail for student never exceeds three months or 50 lashes.

Narcotics Smuggler
Harshest penalty is upon the persons involved in the smuggling of drugs or narcotics. The penalty for the smuggler of drugs or narcotics is sentence to death. A person who illegally brings the drugs or narcotics from some other country to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is considered Smuggler. The person who receives narcotics and distributes it to the dealers is also treated to be smuggler.

The treatment for the person who deals in drugs or narcotics for the first time is different from the person who has already been convicted due to this offence. For the first time offender, punishment is imprisonment, lashing or financial fine or all. For the repeat offenders, punishment is increased and the involved person may be sentenced to death.

The minimum penalty under Saudi Narcotics Law is for the narcotics user. Saudi Citizen is jailed two years and punished according to the judge's decision. If the offender is an expatriate, he is immediately deported from Kingdom. However, this rule does not apply to those people who enroll themselves in a treatment program. Saudi law in accordance with the United Nation recommendations treats narcotics addicts as patients who need treatment. Gulf News has reported that a plan to ban the deported expatriates from one GCC country from entering on work visas in any other GCC country has been finalized. To know about the status of the implementation, click on this linkGCC Wide Ban on Deported Expatriates of GCC Countries


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