Friday, July 4, 2014

Exploitation by Kafeel in Saudi Arabia

My Kafeel exploits me and asks to do something for which I am not required by Law to do, what course of action can I adopt?

Question by Visitor
I need help. I came here in Riyadh for two years from now. I should be working in a restaurant but the restaurant didn’t open. My first Kafeel sold me to her relatives. My first Kafeel didn’t give me three months’ salary. When she sold me to her relative still the restaurant didn’t open, I waited for more than a year. I told my Kafeel to let me transfer to another kafeel or let me go home but he does not allow me. I asked permission three times. He didnt give me insurance card, never renewed my Iqama for six months and let me work cleaning his istiraha and office, which is different from my work stated on my iqama. The last time I was sick and he was angry and want me to still work even if I am sick and go clean his office, he said I am donkey and I left. He took me to jail for two weeks, brought me to detention center but detention center didn’t accept me. I went ten times even to Jawazat Riyadh but I always go back to jail. Now my Kafeel give statement to the people lice that he wants money from me. He needs 6 thousand riyals for transfer of sponsorship and 3 thousand riyals for the payment he made when I was in hospital. Medical expenses are his responsibility because he didn’t give me insurance card. Now the police let me go out, my relatives talk to my kafeel to ask for transfer but he does not want to give me. He is making things complicated for me for reason I don’t know. Please give me some advice. This makes my life miserable. I just want a good job and good Kafeel for the sake of my family and son. Thank you!

Answer by Steve
I am really sorry for the situation you had to face in KSA! Jawazat was not an appropriate place to go in such situation; you should have gone to the Labor Office. I am sure, if you go to the Labor office, they will settle your issue. Your Kafeel is not taking your responsibility, so it is better to bring him to the court.

Secondly, I remember some months ago, there was amnesty period by the Great King to get your status rectified, you should have availed that opportunity. Anyways, I would suggest you to go to Labor Office and ask for their help!

Comment by Visitor
I want to bring my case to the court for all the things he had done to me specially for putting me in jail for two weeks without any guilt. How do I do that? I believed that it is a violation in the Saudi Labor law to work different from what is stated from your Iqama, he forced me to clean his istiraha and his office everyday as per salary every month. I told him many times that this is not the work stated on my residence id, please freed me, but he don’t care. He is also not giving insurance card. He black listed my Iqama. I don’t know how to take it out. I hope the Saudi labor law could help me regarding this.

Answer by Steve
I do not have any information regarding procedure of going to the Labor Court. You need to go there and people will guide you what to do after that. Try to take some help from the people of your nationality who have spent some time in KSA.

What does black listed means? Does it mean Huroob? I have published an article through which you can check if you really mean Huroob by saying Black Listed. “Check Huroob Status


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