Friday, July 18, 2014

German Footballer donated FIFA 2014 Earnings to Gaza

While we have been criticizing the role of Muslim world on the recent attack of Israel to Gaza, some people have been setting examples irrespective of the religion from which they belong to. German Footballer Mesut Ozil has announced to donate all his FIFA 2014 earnings to the children of Gaza facing the inhuman terrorism by Israel. This is a greatest example for the whole world. He has spanked on the faces of Muslims all over the world by showing that mere updating the status in favor of Gaza on social media does not serve any cause.

The German Football Association awarded € 300,000/- to each and every football player of the winning world cup team as a bonus and € 150,000/- for the win of Semi Finals in addition to other awards. This brave man Mesut Ozil has donated all of his money earned from the FIFA 2014 to the children of Gaza as soon as he received it from the German Football Association.

Mesut Ozil started his FIFA 2014 Final game against Argentina with the recitation of Holy Quran. Moreover, it is also reported that after winning the title, he refused to shake hands with one of the top officials of FIFA 2014 just because of his support to Israel in the war.

Update July 17, 2014: International Business Times reported the midfielder's representative Roland Eitel as saying: "The claim that Mesut donated money to Gaza is not true. Maybe in the future, who knows? He donated money to causes in Brazil and he is now on holiday."


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