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Procedure to Cancel Exit Re-Entry Visa Online

If your exit re-entry visa has been issued, you must have to travel within 90 days or before the expiry of its last date of travel whichever comes earlier. If cancellation of exit re-entry visa is not done, there will be penalties. It should be noted that there are no charges of cancelling the exit re-entry visa issued earlier but fee paid for exit re-entry visa is not refundable. Any person in violation will be fined as follows;
  • SR 1,000/- penalty for the first instance
  • SR 2,000/- penalty for the second instance
  • SR 3,000/- penalty for the third instance
Procedure to Cancel Exit Re-Entry Visa Online
First of all, you need to have online account with Ministry of Interior. If you don’t have online account, “Register for Abshir (MOI) Account
If you already have an account with MOI, please login to your account. The procedure to login to your MOI account has been changed a little bit. Follow this link to check the updated procedure. Recommended:   Process to Login to Abshir (MOI) Account

After logging in to your account when new screen opens up, you need to click on “My Dashboard” and after that locate for dependents tab. Click on “More Details” button in the dependents tab.

A new screen will open where you need to look for the dependent whose exit re-entry visa is to be cancelled. Click on “More Details” and a drop down information tab will appear on your screen containing details of the dependent. Click on “Cancel Visa” button as shown in the screenshot.

A new screen will open detailing about the dependent. There will be an icon at the end to “Confirm” and you will have to click here. I have also shown it in the below screenshot. As soon as you will press this button, your exit re-entry visa will be cancelled.

Important Conditions to Cancel Exit Re-Entry Visa Online
  • Sponsor and Dependent’s status should not be dead, reported as absent, has Istiqdam violation
  • Sponsor or Dependents should not have any earlier issued Visa cancellation penalty.
  • Visa should be valid & cancelation should be within 90 days from issuance date or before return date whichever comes first , otherwise penalties will be applied
  • Dependents should be present in the Kingdom

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