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Can I transfer to a new Kafeel after finishing the term of the employment contract?

Can I transfer to a new Kafeel after finishing the term of the employment contract?

Question by Visitor
First off all thank you very much for the effort of having this very useful info blog. I have been reading a lot of your article and even your answers to every question. I have one question, and I know you are the most reliable person I can bring this on. My 2 years contract with the company is finished and I asked them to release my Iqama in favor of another company which they refused. I have been exhausted too much by my sponsor for working 12 hours per day with below minimum salary. I have some questions;

  1. Do they have the right to stop me from transferring even after my 2 year contract?
  2. Can i transfer even if they did not approve?
  3. What would be the best move if this was the case?

I am planning not to go home yet after my 2 year contract and I have new ready company to accept me after my contract.
  1. My current company is in green category
  2. My new company waiting is in platinum category.

Answer by Steve
Thanks a lot for the appreciation! I will answer your questions one by one.
  1. They have every right to stop you if it was not agreed initially that they will release you at the end of the term of the contract.
  2. You can transfer if you meet certain criteria which are explained in this article. “Iqama Transfer without consent of Kafeel
  3. You can continue to work for the same company or take final exit and come back on new visa for the new employer. For better clarification of Green, Platinum category, I would suggest you to read this article. “Saudization or Nitaqat Law

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