Saturday, July 5, 2014

Legal Action against Frozen Bank Account

My bank account is frozen and bank is not unfreezing it even after several tries, can I take any legal action against it?

Question by Visitor
My bank account at NCB was frozen even after I had already submitted my renewed Iqama. It is STILL frozen after 21 days. I have visited the bank 6 times and they have even called me at home and said the problem was fixed. Yet, it is not. Is there any legal action I can take? I am an American citizen. Would the embassy be able to help?

Answer by Steve
I do not think you need to take any legal action. In fact it will complicate the issues.  You are visiting one branch every time? I would suggest you to change the branch you are visiting. It happened to me when I had to visit Al Rajhi 4 times to unfreeze my bank account.

Secondly, use other ways of communication to register your complaints regarding this issue. Call them on helpline and send emails.

Third, as soon as your account is unfrozen, open a new account in some other bank. I have published an article analyzing benefits of opening account in different banks. I would suggest you to read that article. I am currently operating with SAMBA Bank and they take less than a minute to unfreeze the account. I would strongly recommend you to read this article.

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