Thursday, July 24, 2014

A beggar with property worth SR 1.2 million caught in Makkah, Saudi Arabia

We know that begging has become a profession for most of the beggars. There are only few beggars who beg for their needs, remaining beg because it is their normal 8 hours job, just like you work in office. Ramadan and Hajj are special seasons for these beggars in which they earn perhaps more than their full year’s income. People come from all over the Saudi Arabia to Makkah for this business especially during this season period. Makkah police is against begging so they are doing at their level best to stop this illegal business. They arrest beggars in their normal course of working but when they caught a person begging in Makkah last week, the news was aired all over the world because this guy was a millionaire.

Properties of Millionaire Beggar
When they inquired from beggar after arresting him about his identity, police came to know that he belongs to one of GCC countries (Country is not disclosed by Police). Further investigation revealed that this beggar has more than SR 1.2 million in his bank account, have a luxurious car under his name and he lives in a very luxurious apartment in Yanbu. He came on a tourist visa with his wife and three children. His family is still living in that luxurious apartment in Yanbu. Authorities have started investigation against his illegal activities in Saudi Arabia.

Lesson from the Story
I do not want you to stop giving charity by quoting examples of this kind of people. We should give charities but to those people who really deserve it. Most of the times, you will not find such deserving people on the road. You will have to search for them and then pay them your charity. It is your obligation to pay from something which God has given you. Those needy white collar people will be walking around you but you need to have an empathetic eye to see their needs.


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