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Should I purchase a free visa (azad visa) to Saudi Arabia?

I am considering a decision to purchase visa for Saudi Arabia, what are the factor I need to consider?
Question by Visitor
I have a few questions for which I need your guidance. My current status is that I am an ACCA Affiliate and CA (Pakistan finalist) with result waited of last two papers of CA. I have done my articles from a Big Four Audit Firm. These days I am looking to purchase a visa and come to Saudi Arabia for job purposes. One of our family friends is in Saudi Arabia and he have guided me to purchase a driver visa for entry purposes and then once I get a job the profession and sponsorship will change. I have a few questions;

  1. Is it advised to purchase driver work and enter Saudi Arabia and then look for a job and then sponsorship change?
  2. Which documents will be required for purchase of driver visa?
  3. Should the driver visa be purchased from an individual or a company?
  4. Should I get my documents attested now or should I get them attested after getting a job offer?
  5. How necessary it is to learn Arabic language for job in Saudi Arabia?
  6. While having a driver’s visa can I work as an accountant in Saudi Arabia?
  7. What is the time limit in which I have to get my sponsorship changed? How much the entire process will cost?
  8. What is the duration and process of sponsorship change?
  9. What kind of medical test will be required for visa purposes?

Kindly guide me looking for a useful timely helpful response from your side. Thanks

Answer by Steve
The visa you are talking about is called free or Azad visa, I would like you to read this article in detail. “Azad or Independent Visa in Saudi Arabia”. Please keep in mind that purchasing azad visa is illegal in Saudi Arabia. I do not suggest, nor recommend anyone to purchase this visa. Now I will answer your questions one by one.

  1. Given the circumstances you have mentioned, Driver’s visa is not suitable for you. “Aamil Aadi” or General Labor is the best visa in your circumstances. Even if you take Driver’s visa, keep in mind that it should not be Driver visa for Domestic Workers. Please read this article in detail to know about the limitation of Domestic Workers.
  2. I think an old dated driving license showing the experience of some years is required for this purpose.
  3. I don’t talk about it. I do not suggest about illegal things.
  4. You cannot get your degrees attested now. You need to have some documents for the attestation. I have explained the procedure of attestation of degrees in this article. “How to Attest Degrees for Saudi Arabia
  5. There is no need to learn Arabic language especially in the profession you belong to. You will learn it slowly.
  6. It is illegal to work as any other profession that the profession listed on the Iqama. However, people still work in this way. If caught by authorities, person is detained and deported with lifetime ban to Saudi Arabia. Gulf News has reported that a plan to ban the deported expatriates from one GCC country from entering on work visas in any other GCC country has been finalized. To know about the status of the implementation, click on this linkGCC Wide Ban on Deported Expatriates of GCC Countries
  7. There was a rule that you cannot transfer your sponsorship to any other sponsor without completing 2 years with one sponsor. However, this rule is waived off by the authorities now. Please read this article in detail to know about the current status of this rule. “Two Years Rule for Transfer of Sponsorship
  8. Changing sponsorship is just like switching jobs in Saudi Arabia. Legally speaking you are actually switching your job. This topic has been covered in this article. Please read it in detail. “Matters to Consider while Switching Jobs in Saudi Arabia
  9. There are two medical tests required in this regard. One is required in your home country and the other one is done here in Saudi Araba. Please read these articles in detail for the medical tests.

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