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How I won a case against my Sponsor in the Labor Office - Ross Marinas

Our regular and active reader Ross Marinas has just shared her experience of going to court against her Kafeel. She took this courageous step and we must appreciate her bravery of knocking the door of labor office against her Kafeel. We pray that May Allah bestow her with justice.

Searching for Ministry of Labor Contact
Salaam Alaikum eveyone! I would like to share my experience in Ministry of Labor. Just to be clear all written in here was my personal experience and I am not saying it can happen to all. My experience was really tiring and exhausting. It seems like every option or way I go doesn't work. What I did first was search for the contact number of Ministry of Labor since I have no enough money to come there without even knowing if they can help me or not so I decided to search for their number first and inquire about my situation. I found this number 920001173 in the internet. It’s like a call center of MOL where you can inquire about everything. I called and obviously my concern is very difficult so I asked for an operator. The operator advised me to visit the MOL located in Quraish.

Procedure to Register Case in MOL
There is a female section located inside the gate 5. I went there and there are about 5 Saudi ladies inside the room. They're the one who will entertain your concern or complaints. I filled up 2 sheets of paper regarding my complete information and my Kafeel complete information (like name, contact number, address, company name). You have to give exact address because they will use that address to mail your Kafeel about the hearing just in case they cannot reach him by calling his phone. By the way, if you will come there I suggest you bring someone who knows how to read, write and speak Arabic fluently because the form was written in Arabic and no English translation in it. On 1 paper you have to write your complain about your Kafeel. If you filled up all the information asked you just have to give to the Saudi lady together with the copy of your contract and copy of your iqama since I have no iqama I gave the copy of my passport. After I completed everything, she gave me a small piece of paper with logo of MOL in which Hijri date and Timing was written in Arabic. You have to be careful with this because I saw a lot of people coming on the wrong date just because the Saudi lady wrongly translated the date into Gregorian calendar. I suggest you to ask 2 to 3 people who know Arabic just to be sure about the date. I think the hearing time was from 10am to 3pm. I got mine from 11am to 12pm.

Proceedings of the Court
1st Hearing
I came at the exact time given to me and waited until 12pm for my Kafeel to arrive but of course he didn’t come. In this case, they will make a new appointment for you. The appointment gap is 1 week.

2nd Hearing
The next appointment I was thinking he will not come so I decided to come a little late. But to my surprise the Saudi lady called me and asked me where I am because my Kafeel representative came. I came and we went to a scheduled room. This time they will not allow anyone to come with you. I was so afraid at that moment since I am a female and there will be like 2 Saudi men, 1 was the translator and the other 1 was the decision maker man. I apologize for the term I just don’t know what they are called. So, there were 4 people (Me, my Kafeel representative and the 2 Saudi man from MOL) present in that room. They were straight to the point. They asked me what I want and I just told them that I want exit. I explained briefly why I left my Kafeel like he didn’t process my iqama. They asked me to work as a receptionist even though I am a nurse, unbearable treatment and unexplained cut in salary. After I have told my side, the counterpart will also have to tell their side of the story. In the end, the problem found in them was the signatory of my contract wasn’t them. To cut the story short, they gave me 2 options its either I go back to my Kafeel for work or go exit with 5 years banned in Saudi Arabia. I decided to take exit since I am really tired of my situation and also I don’t think that they will treat me right after everything happened. So, I settle there for exit. I asked how about the ticket and why I have 5 years ban. My Kafeel representative told us that he have no time to discuss it now and he have to ask the Kafeel first about everything so again we set another date for that matter.

3rd Hearing
That day came and I have waited for them about 3 hours but he didn’t come. So the decision maker Saudi man decided then to transfer the case on higher court which was scheduled after 4 months. I told him that I have no work and money so how I can wait for that long period of time so they told me come after Eid and they will make temporary working permit and waraga so that I can work to another place.

Decision is pending
Now, I am still waiting for the Eid to finish and I will try to contact them after. I heard from other people there that they will make 3 sets of appointment for hearing if incase your Kafeel didn’t come to those appointments, and then they will transfer the case to higher court. Some people also choose to bring a person from their embassy so that the settlement options will be a little equal or more favorable to them. I hope that this give a little insight of what is happening there. Insha Allah it will help those who have the same situation as mine. Don’t lose hope and keep praying. Indeed, in every hardship there is ease (surah ash sharh). Insha Allah I will update everyone about my case. Please make dua for me. Thank you! Jazakallah Khair :)

Update of the Case

I would like to give an update about my case. Alhamdulillah I am already here in the Philippines for about 2 weeks now. My Kafeel contacted me after they received the hearing schedule for the higher court. It was after Eid when they asked me to come to MOL for settlement. I went to MOL and my Kafeel told me that they will give me exit and the money that I gave before. I agreed in front of the Saudi man who's handling our case together with one witness who also works in MOL. I asked about the ticket and my Kafeel told me that Philippines Embassy will be the one responsible for my ticket. Since I tried to ask help from embassy before and they have told me that also professional employee would have to ask ticket from their employer. I told this fact to the MOL people and they also agreed with me. They asked my Kafeel to provide my ticket. So the MOL man writes in one paper all the conditions of settlement. They even asked me how much money I want to ask from my Kafeel. Since I was not after their money, I told the MOL man that I only want to go home. In that paper they wrote that in 2 weeks’ time my Kafeel must give me exit, ticket and return my money. We all signed in the paper and I also signed something for the clearance of my Kafeel from MOL.

After 1 week they contacted me to go to their office. I went to their office and we went to Jawazat for finger printing and we need to process things there so I can go exit even without iqama. I think Jawazat will be responsible for the exit. We went to 1 Saudi police and he signed in one paper after that I did finger print. We went to a lot of offices for signing I don’t really know the details after we finish all the process they told me to wait for a few days for the ticket. August 26 they told me that my flight will be 4 am of August 27. They only drop me in the airport and I was on my own since then. I waited for the gate to open then went to ticket area then went to immigration. Everything went well Alhamdulillah. I just did finger print and they stamp me for exit. I pass the immigration and I am so happy I arrived safe and sound. I also checked some Filipinos there if they had the same stamp of exit as mine so I’ll be sure there’s no problem with my passport. Alhamdulillah for everything! Thanks for all the prayers and words of encouragement. This site really helped me a lot. Jazakallah khair!


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