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What to do if salary is paid less than the contract?

My company is paying me salary less than the agreed upon salary in my contract? What course of action can I adopt?

Question by Visitor
I came to KSA 2 years ago on my own visa. I transferred my sponsorship to present Company. I have some issues on my salary and I want you to suggest me on my problem described below.

I am working as Assistant to Sales manager & Sales Coordinator in a reputed company. At the time of Interview I had been told that I will be paid SR 2,500 basic + 1000 for housing and transportation & yearly bonus, yearly vacation and a SR 1,000 increment in my salary after I finish my 3 months’ probation period. From the first month they are just paying me 1500/SR basic +1000 for housing and transportation. When I objected on this I was told that until I am in my probation period I will be getting SR 1,500 basic and after I complete my probation period which is for 3 months I will be paid 2500/-SR as my basic 1000SR increment will be depend on my performance.

In June I have completed 15 months and still they are paying me 1500/- as my basic. Now I want release as I have some good offers from other reputed companies but they are refusing to give me Release and nor they are ready to pay me what’s my actual salary. I have been clearly told by the management that I should work on same salary without any bonus and increment. I have been warned that if I give my resignation one more time they are going to deduct my 15 days salary and they will send me on final exit without giving any prior notice Can you please suggest me what can I do? I feel so helpless and I don’t know what to do in this situation. I don’t want to go on final exit. Your reply will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance and have a great day!

Answer by Steve
It is very important to sign a contract at the time of joining or at the time when probation period has just ended. If you have a contract duly signed by both parties mentioning the benefits you are entitled to as stated above, you have every right to claim your money from the company. If they are not paying you your contracted amount, you can take them to the court and get the unpaid salary of (SR 1,000 per month) for all the months you have worked for them. They will have to give your contracted salary to you.

As far as Iqama transfer is concerned, unfortunately, you cannot be released until he agrees to release you. There are some exceptions of this rule which are explained in this article. I would encourage you to read them. If you do not have any written contract, you cannot do anything since you do not have anything to challenge them. “Iqama Transfer without Consent of Kafeel

They have every right to issue final exit on your Iqama. You cannot stop them from doing so. However, you can ask other companies who have offered you to issue a visa for you and then go on final exit and come back on new visa. Please read this article, “Do’s and don’ts before and after final exit visa

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